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Wobbles, Planes and Automobiles

September 12, 2011

**Update: I’m happy to report that Ellie’s sisters were adopted just in time to celebrate the 2011 holidays with their new family! Read the story.

Thanks to Deb Martin, Elise Murphy, June Liston, Dawn Kavanaugh and many, many others, Ellie’s sisters arrived safely at their new foster’s home last week!

The girls were transfered from their foster in Michigan to one in Arizona because adoption opportunities for special needs kitties were few in the area; and it was decided that Angelina and Princess would have better luck at All About Animals Rescue, which specializes in special needs adoptions.

Anyway, it’s absolutely incredible how it all came together, and Elise, who helped transport the babies to Chicago and kittensat them for an evening, was sweet enough to let me share some of her photos with you.

Angelina (L) and Princess (L) on their way to Chicago

The girls and Elise while in the car

Sleepover with Elise (and Nanako!)

June and Elise, before the girls flew to AZ with June!

And from what I can tell from their new foster’s Facebook profile, these little sweethearts are doing quite well!

Good luck, girls! Ellie and I will keep our fingers/paws crossed for you!

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