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CG’s Story: Love at First Sight

September 13, 2011

It sounds silly to say a cat can change your life, but in all honesty, I can’t imagine life without CG.

Plus, it was love at first sight.

I had recently graduated college, and I was browsing through cat profiles on I read about a number of cute cats and kittens, but none of them really stood out. Then I came across “Scrabble’s” profile: He was a gray tabby kitten, and he had a condition that made him walk like a drunken sailor. At that moment, despite not knowing anything about his condition or how to live with a special needs cat, I knew it didn’t matter. He was the one.

Scrabble's profile photo

Of course my decision wasn’t nearly that flippant. I spent the next few days reading up about cerebellar hypoplasia and discussing the situation with my friends and family. However, as much work as this kitten could be, I just knew we’d get through it. If I was going to adopt and love any cat, it may as well be one that needed it the most.

I adopted Scrabble, who I renamed CG (after the actor Cary Grant), on June 26, 2008. He was 11 weeks old.

CG on his adoption day

Fortunately for us, CG’s CH was never too severe. As a kitten it was quite noticeable, as he’d bounce off the walls back-and-forth like a ping-pong ball while running down hallways. He’d flip and tumble when playing, and had a number of encounters with his food and water bowls, as well as litter pan.

However, today I hardly notice it. He still has a funny walk, but he’s quite capable. He doesn’t jump; instead he climbs. He still has head tremors, and can fall over at any moment, but he has certainly improved.

We’ve been through a good deal in the past few years. He’s been my constant companion, and because of that, he’s quite a smartie. When you look into his face, you can almost tell what he’s thinking. He’s an absolute love and charms anyone who visits.

CG at 3 years old

He’s also quite the champ. CG has lived in five different apartments with me (one with stairs!), become quite the traveler (taking weekend trips to Michigan), faced significant health threats (hospitalized for urinary crystals for several days) and he’s still one of the sweetest, well-adjusted kitties I’ve met.

As of August 2011, CG became a big brother to our second adopted CH kitty, Ellie. Although my husband and I knew CG wouldn’t want to share the spotlight of our love, he’s overcome it and risen to the occasion beautifully.

Read more about CG here.

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