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An Answer to a Prayer: Ellie’s Story

September 22, 2011

Times were rough for CG.

Once my husband and I were married and moved in together, CG became an only cat. He relished in receiving all of our time and affection, but we noticed more and more that any time we were gone from our home, we would come home to a kitty craving attention.

But introducing a new cat to your household can be stressful, and this has been a summer of stress for us all. So I knew that if we were going to find a friend for CG, a good deal of prayer would be involved.

Then it happened.

I heard about three cerebellar hypoplasia kitties in Michigan that needed homes. The male looked so much like CG, but at the time we weren’t seriously looking for a cat, so it didn’t really stick with me. However, it was interesting how close the kittens lived to my mother-in-law in Michigan. We were planning to visit her soon, and I was excited to think that we were going to drive past some CH kitties on the way there.

Then the situation became serious. I received an update that the kittens could be euthanized. And while that’s not an uncommon issue to hear — especially in the CH cat community — this just broke my heart and I couldn’t let it happen. So my husband and I agreed to adopt the gray male tabby.

We spoke with the shelter and they said it would be OK if we picked up the kitten in a few weeks on our way home from visiting my mother-in-law. And it was those few weeks that convinced me that this little kitten was truly meant for us, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have adopted her. The circumstances are just too bizarre!

First, we learned that the kittens weren’t going to be put down (according to their foster mom). Rather the shelter realized that the kittens would need to be relocated to a place where more people had heard about CH, so they could be more easily adopted.

Second, we learned that the kitten was a girl! Although we had been looking for a boy, by the time we learned Shadow was a female, we had fallen in love with her too much to let her go!

We brought Shadow, now Ellie, home on August 22, and she has been the perfect addition to our family. She currently has moderate CH, but she’s learning to get around on our hardwood floors, and she’s learned to climb onto our couch and bed. She absolutely adores CG — she must think he’s the coolest big brother ever!

One of the sweetest things about Ellie is that she has such a big heart. She’s such a happy girl, and every time she sees you, she flops over and melts into a puddle of purrs. If she can remain standing when she sees you, her tail bends so far back that it’s nearly parallel to her spine!

She’s an absolute joy, and I can’t wait to share her stories with you.

Read more about Ellie here.

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  1. March 27, 2015 10:03 pm

    This was really interesting to read about.. I had no idea this existed!! I think it’s really honourable for you to adopt a special needs animal. I originally stumbled on this website because i was looking for ‘why cats make strong eye contact’ but then i saw your post about ‘answer to prayer’ and was curious if you are a Christian.

    • March 29, 2015 4:41 pm

      Thanks Jordanna! It’s very sweet of you to connect. Yes, my husband and I are both Christians.


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