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Do You Think They Know? Does Your CH Kitty Recognize CH In Other Cats?

September 27, 2011
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My husband and I have wondered about this for a while now — if you have two CH kitties (that you adopted at different times), do you think they each realize that the other has cerebellar hypoplasia, i.e., the same condition he/she has?

This question first dawned on us when we brought home Ellie. She was a bundle of tumbles, and CG seemed quite curious about it! He would look at us as if he wanted to ask “Why does she DO that?”

Then we realized something. Sure, CG is different. But he was raised with “normal” cats, and I honestly believe that CG thinks he’s normal. I mean, he certainly doesn’t know any different, he just does things differently than other cats. So what’s he to think when he sees this kitten who rolls and tumbles? Does he realize that he once / occasionally still does the same? Does he realize that the tumbles are limited to himself and Ellie?

We were further convinced of this the first few times we saw them flop over near one another — what was an innocent fall was often greeted with a hiss, most probably because the other thought it was an attack. The video above, when seen in its entirety (apologies, I cut it a bit short), actually ends will Ellie falling over twice and hissing at CG. It was funny, because I wonder if she thought HE  had pushed her over!

I know that the “normal” cats CG was raised around knew he was different. Perhaps the shoe is on the other foot now, and CG now sees how Ellie is different, but I don’t know if he recognizes that as the same condition he has.

What do you think? Do you think your CH kitties recognize that their adopted siblings have the same condition? What about CH siblings that were adopted together? Do they see themselves as normal, or do you think they know they’re each special for the same reason?

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