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Meet Harley

October 29, 2011

Barbara and her husband lost both of their male cats within a year.

One died of cancer a few days before Christmas; the other died nearly a year later after it was suddenly discovered he had a tumor in his stomach and brain. It was devastating for them.

Some time passed, and Barbara and her husband decided to open their hearts and home to a new pair of cats. As Barbara told me, they had a big house, no children and lots of love to give.

Harley and Sasha | Photo courtesy Barbara

Her vet took her to a rescue organization and introduced her to Sasha, a mixed lynx point siamese. Barbara was interested in her, but there was one condition — she had to be adopted with her brother, a mixed flame point siamese, who had a neurological condition. The organization was concerned that if they were adopted seperately, his development would be hindered.

After meeting Sasha’s brother Harley, Barbara knew it — she had to adopt both.

Barbara describes Harley as a moderately afflicted cerebellar hypoplasia cat. When he first came home with them, she says he was very mobile, albeit wobbly and shaky. He has some trouble in the litter pan, so Barbara has learned how to accommodate his needs. Nevertheless, he’d chase after his sister, climb his cat tree and jump up and down from beds and sofas. He could manage stairs for the most part, but most importantly, he always got to where he needed to go. “His spirit was of a fighter, and he wasn’t giving up,” Barbara said.

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, Harley suffered a fall down stairs while at a relative’s house. To add insult to injury (although it sounds like he made it through OK), Sasha began spending more time bonding with the relative’s cat. Both the fall and emotional distance from Sasha have shaken Harley’s confidence; he’s since become less mobile and more fearful.

As Barbara said, “It’s as if he didn’t know he was any different before, and now he knows that he isn’t the same and can’t keep up.”

"Sibling Love" | Photo courtesy Barbara

Now that the cats are back home, they’re giving Harley extra love and attention to bring him back to where he once was — and it sounds like there’s improvement. He’s not as active as he once was, but Barbara says he’s a very loving boy who purrs instantly, and is glad to be home. Although Sasha may keep her distance from him at times, Barbara will spot them cuddling now and again.

The pair turned 1 year old on October 1st.

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  1. JacquieB permalink
    November 1, 2011 2:37 am

    They are so precious!!

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