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Do You Read the CH Kitty Club Newsletter?

November 2, 2011

Faith | Photo Courtesy CH Kitty Club Newsletter

Since this new version of my blog has found some new readers, I wanted to introduce you all to something very special: The CH Kitty Club Newsletter.

For more than a year, the incredible members of the CH Kitty Club Website and the Yahoo CH Kitty Club have sent out a monthly newsletter.

I highly recommend both sites as they’re great resources for meeting more CH cat parents, learning about CH and receiving input for your CH questions. The newsletter is the perfect result of the CH community, delivered to your Inbox each month. When you have a moment, check out November’s newsletter. In the meantime, here’s a sneak-peak at some of the features you can expect!

  • CH Kitty of the Month: Meet Faith, the only CH kitty in her litter who won the heart of her foster mom because of her charming and unusual ways.
  • Meet the Parents: This month you’ll get to know John, the father of Princess. He talks about how he’s learned to help her, and how she’s in turn helped him.
  • Adoptable Angels: Kitties in Connecticut, New York, California and Ohio especially need your help! Please read their stories and see if there’s anything you can do for them.
  • The World According to Riley Dean: This gorgeous orange and white boy offers monthly wisdom. On this month’s menu: The foods cats should stay away from on Thanksgiving (and all year!).
  • Notes from Tanja: Each month Tanja takes an in-depth look at (mostly) medical issues that concern CH kitties. This month: Physical rehabilitation.
  • CH Family Dynamics: Each month learn about one particular CH cat parent’s family, and how they all get along.
  • Fuzzy Tales: Each month Janice shares some adorable and hilarious stories about our CH kitties.
  • Ask Tata: Tata answers readers’ CH questions each month.

Other highlights:

  • Who says an old cat can’t learn new tricks? Tardy has proven that even after 14 years, he can still surprise his mom.
  • Find out how one teenager is trying to spread cerebellar hypoplasia awareness in her own way.
  • Read about another teenager who wouldn’t give up to save her CH cat.
  • Join the CH Cat Advocacy Group to help spread awareness at shelters, adoption events and vets/clinics.
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  1. November 2, 2011 7:57 pm

    Thank you : )

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