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Meet Princess

November 16, 2011

I think we can all find inspiration in our CH cats, and Princess is no different. However, when I heard about her story from her father, John, I was especially moved by their relationship. I hope you are, too.


How severe do you consider her CH to be?

High-mild to low-medium.

What is she able to do?

She is able to walk and run, but with noticeable issues. She does jump, but can only jump up to a certain height. She jumps down with reckless abandon. She can lay down, but most of the time she just falls in place. She can eat and drink with no issues, and she does play with toys.

What are her limitations?  

She has a couple of limitations. When she walks or runs, her hind legs have a mind of their own and kinda do their own thing. She does have to balance herself when she gets up or when she jumps up on the recliner or the small cat tree I have. She is not able to make sharp turns or stop on a dime. She does have trouble controlling herself when she gets running full steam–she looks like she is out of control of her body.

Do you have any funny stories that have happened to her because of her CH? Or perhaps a story about how she figured out how to do something CH kitties may not be able to do? 

Everyday is a funny day with her. Just watching her play in her own style makes me smile, but some funny stories center around her and Chuckles. She loves to play tag and chase. One day she was chasing Chuckles and came around the corner and her hind legs looked like they were on ice, but she kept chugging after Chucks. She continued to harass him, so he headed for higher ground where she could not climb. One time she was chasing Chucks and he stopped, but she ran into him and knocked him over.


Every kitty is special in her or his own way. How is she special? 

Princess is special because of her dispostion, determination and her attitude. She is the type of kitty where she is as loving as she could be, then she gives you an evil eye the next. She can be sleeping nicely next to a sibiling and 5 seconds later she is biting his ears. But what makes her even more special is her effect on me. As a disabled veteran, I suffer from both mental and physical disabilities and watching Princess go about her life like nothing is wrong and that she is normal makes me live my life like that: like just because I am injured, does not make me any less important. We do have our cuddle moments where she gives a lot of affection and love which helps my mental state.

Have you found any ways to help her with her condition? 

I have found that chicken livers have her with her co-ordination and balance. I found that they are rich in vitamins and minerals that her her grow. I also found that having something tall for her to climb helps build muscle that helps her with her balance and coordination. I also have created steps around the house that help her get onto or into things like windows, tables, toys. These stairs help her get to where she wants to go but also helps her build muscle.


What do you think people need to know about CH? 

It’s not a death sentence. These kitties are important and even though they maybe different they still need love and a good home.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about her having CH? 

My favorite thing is that she is a CH cat and it makes her special and one of a kind. What I like least is the fact that she can’t do all the things that her brothers and sister do. So I feel like she is being left out. I also hate the fact that some of the older cats pick on her more than the others.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other CH parents?

Love your cats but also let them be individuals. Don’t smother them, let them experience life for themselves.

You can connect with John and Princess on her MySpace page and Facebook page.

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