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Make Your Own CH Cat Friendly Steps

November 28, 2011

Sometimes our CH kitties need a little extra help – even if it’s just an extra step or two to help them get to where they’re going.

This is a great idea to promote independence and build confidence, especially if you’re not always around to help your  CH cat get on or off your bed, sofa, chair or their favorite sunning spot. Of course it does depend on whether your cat is capable and coordinated enough to manage a few stairs.

Martha’s homemade stairs | Photo courtesy Tanja

There are a number of how-to-make pet stairs instructions online, and CH cat Martha’s parents created some for her after finding these instructions on Martha’s parents even customized the stairs by adding a fun tunnel in the base. I also love how they added carpet on each stair and in the tunnel for added grip and comfort.

If you’re a little crafty – or know someone who is – this may be the way to go. By building your cat’s own stairs, you can make sure they fit your cat’s needs, your space restrictions and your budget. Again, this may take some calculations and a little know-how, but in the end you’ll know your stairs will suit your cat.

However, if building your own stairs isn’t an option, don’t worry. A few years ago pet steps became all the rage, and companies catered their products to small, aging dogs everywhere. As a result, you can now find dozens of options online. (One quick way to get started is to search for “pet steps” in Google Shopping.)

Stairs range from $20 (left) to $100+ (right)

I’ve seen them range from about $20 to more than $100, but price shouldn’t be your only concern. Take a look at the material (plastic vs. wood, etc), width and height of each step, and if there’s a texture or carpet covering. Fortunately there are many options out there, so you may be able to find the perfect steps for your cat.

If stairs seem too complicated or pricey, you may want to consider a ramp. In addition to the build-your-own-stairs instructions on Messy Beast, you can also find a similar idea for a ramp. A while ago, a CH Kitty Club Yahoo Group member shared her photo of her homemade ramp, so it definitely is doable!

Of course building a ramp also requires a bit of engineering know-how, but the result looks great. Note the carpet (to help with grip) and the side wall for added safety.

Ramps may be a better option if your cat is less coordinated and if you have a bit more space to work with. Again, you’ll have to take your cat’s abilities into account when calculating how steep the ramp should be. Also make sure that it’s as sturdy as possible.

Again, if crafts aren’t your forte, you can also find pet ramps for sale online.

Or, if you have a few bucks to spend and you can’t decide between ramps or stairs, you may want to check out these pet steps that convert into a ramp.

Do you think your cat may need some pet steps or ramp? Have you built your own or purchased them? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments!

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