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Can Your CH Cat Manage Stairs?

December 8, 2011

There are many ways to make your home more manageable for your CH cat, but nothing in the home has made me feel quite as helpless as one thing bigger than CG and me combined: Stairs.

Photo courtesy Tanja

Throughout CG’s life, we’ve tried to avoid them. As a kitten, he successfully climbed my mother’s hardwood stairs, but after he somersaulted down them, I was determined that his experience with stairs would end there.

CG proved me wrong as he was able to manage the carpeted stairs in my brother’s home (despite a number of barriers, he was determined to go up and down them all day long), but I was still uneasy about it.

Ironically, my attempt to shield CG from stairs ended two summers ago when my 3 roommates and I signed a lease for an apartment with, you guessed it, carpeted stairs. CG managed quite well for the year (here’s a post on how he did on my old blog), but I was still concerned for him every day.

While these experiences have taught me about CG’s curiosity, will, determination and bravery, I still don’t want him to be around stairs. It’s a safety issue, and I believe he’s just capable enough to get into a dangerous situation.

Yet other CH cats can manage just fine. A while back, I was amazed to watch Tanja’s Martha walk up hardwood stairs quite capably. Nonetheless, Tanja and her husband installed clear Lexan plastic on the railing side as a safety precaution.

These stairs stories have made me curious about your CH cats’ experiences with stairs. Can your CH cat manage stairs? (Obviously, this will depend on your CH cat’s level of mobility.) Please take the poll below and leave any stories or advice in the comments — I’m quite intrigued by this!

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  1. Ashling permalink
    December 8, 2011 2:37 pm

    We block the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. We have hardwood floors, with a step up into the kitchen from the carpeted office (Elf’s main habitat) and a step down from kitchen into livingroom. Elf, bless her heart, will sort of jump up to make the step, and half reach/half flop to get down. Stairs would be a serious danger to her. Could she maybe learn to do them if they were carpeted? It’s possible, at least getting up, but given that even the dogs occasionally slip or stumble on them, can’t imagine giving her that chance. We do plan to build her an enclosed ramp this winter so she can climb up the 12″ to be able to safely see out the windows.

  2. Carl permalink
    December 9, 2011 7:16 pm

    I’ve built carpeted ramps for my CH cat named Finigan, one for the short stairs, one for the bed and one for the couch. The ramps have 9″ sides on them otherwise he would fall off and plummet to the brick floor. He still prefers to dive off the bed where he then crashes to the floor landing on his head usually so I try to get to him before he makes a run for it. Its really bothered me how he hits his head all the time, his four fangs are broken off about half way. I bought some flexible foam to make him a helmet soon. I’m not optomistic he will tolerate it but its worth a try.

  3. December 21, 2011 10:10 am

    When we first moved and Amber the cat was still with up, I had a baby gate across to keep him from coming up.


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