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Try This Feeding Stall Idea For Extra Wobbly Eaters

January 3, 2012

If your CH cat or kitten is especially wobbly and has a difficult time eating — either standing up or focusing on the food dish — try this idea I learned about from Ellie’s foster mom.

She came up with the clever idea of using wire shelf pieces to create individual feeding stalls for the three kittens. Each stall was as wide as the kitten, and their food bowls were placed against the back wall.

While this doesn’t necessarily help the head tremor issue, it will decrease the likelihood of your kitten falling into, or tipping over, her food bowl.

To help each kitten stand, she would place a soft towel around the cat. This would help hold the kitten in place, while simultaneously padding them from the wire sides.

The square metal shelves can be tied together with twist ties or something similar.

While I’m not positive, I believe these metal pieces came from a wire shelf that probably looked something like this:

If you can’t find something similar to this, get creative! Perhaps you can use a cardboard box — they are easy to alter and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you’re handy, perhaps you could even build a feeding stall like this out of wood.

Have you tried anything like this with your CH cats? Have you tried a similar idea? Please share in the comments!

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