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If Your CH Cat Has Trouble Jumping, Consider a Homemade Ramp

January 9, 2012

A few weeks ago I showed you a set of pet stairs created by Tanja and her husband for their CH cat Martha, and today I want to show you a homemade ramp that Jennifer had made for her CH cat Lilly Grace.

Jennifer said Lilly Grace has used the ramp to help her get into her window bed as well as their bed. While Lilly Grace doesn’t use it all the time, Jennifer says she thinks it helps her get around.

At first Lilly Grace was hesitant to use the ramp, but after she saw Jennifer’s other cats using it, Lilly Grace was encouraged to do the same. Lilly Grace will use it every few days, but still sometimes tumbles down it because of the severity of her CH.

The ramp was constructed by a friend Jennifer met through her rescue; it was custom built for Lilly Grace. The ramp is 6′ long and can be adjusted from 2′ high to 3′ high. The sides are both 12″ high, which prevents her from flipping off it, and the whole thing is carpeted so Lilly Grace can hold on to it with her claws.

The carpet is glued down on the inside walls and bottom ramp, and it’s entirely constructed out of wood. Wing nuts were used on one end so Jennifer could adjust the height of the ramp.

To construct your own homemade ramp, you can check out these plans. You can also search build dog ramp for specific instructions like these.

Have you constructed your own pet ramp for your CH cat? Do you think your cat would benefit from a ramp? Please share in the comments!

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