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Try This Feeding Stall for Messy Eaters

February 2, 2012

The other day, after reading how to prevent food and water bowl spills, Carmen sent me a note about a food and water bowl stand that she’s found incredibly helpful.

It’s called the Neater Feeder, and Carmen says it has made her and her 5-month-old CH kitten’s lives easier. The two bowls sit in a sturdy base that has a strainer to catch food and a drawer to catch spilled water.

She said before she purchased the feeder, which you can find for $25-40, “it was a never ending vicious cycle of him falling into his dishes and spilling water all over the floor and his dry food always ended up in the water as well.”

This looks like it would work well, especially if your cat likes to take mouthfuls of food at a time, dropping a few kibble along the way. It may not necessarily work if your cat is especially wobbly and can’t aim that well — but then again, the sturdy sides may help your cat balance a bit.

Check out the Neater Feeder’s website if you’re interested. There you can find a range of sizes as well as the option to add “leg extensions” for taller cats.

Click here for more eating tips, and click here for more drinking tips!

Do you use the Neater Feeder or something similar? How does your cat like it? Do you have other feeding tips and tricks? Please share them in the comments!

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