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The Face of Success, er, Pigeons

March 1, 2012

This post was originally published on my previous blog, but I thought it was so cute I wanted to share it again!

For the longest time CG was never a good jumper. It’s not a knock against the cutie pants, rather it was a fact. Because of his CH, his hind legs just didn’t have the strength or coordination for him to jump well. So instead, he’d get mostly everywhere by climbing.

Of course this changed a bit as he grew up. More exercise and playtime helped him work those muscles, and while he was still clumsy, his efforts were usually followed with greater and greater success.

So lesson learned — intentional, purposeful exercise helps CH kitties jump better, right?

Well not entirely. Check out this face:

CG's pigeon face

That is the face of a CH cat who’s not thinking about how he just jumped on the bed, or how his jump was actually a propelled leap that was several feet long. That’s the face of a cat who’s looking at one of these:

Yes, a pigeon. Gross, I know.

See, in one of my past apartments, my bedroom windows were just two feet away from the boarded-up windows next door. And what I thought (and was probably right to think) was a disgusting mess of pigeons making their nests out of their own feces on those windows’ ledges turned out to be one of the best things ever.

To me, they were filthy, insect-coated, obnoxious nuisances. And to CG, they were engaging. They were so exciting in fact, that only days after we moved into the apartment he would often climb quickly, or even jump, onto my bed so he could see his beloved pigeons better. All he needed to hear was one pigeon coo, and he was off, like a flash, to go watch them.

All of the playtime in the world couldn’t have helped him learn to jump better than him having a reason of his own to do it on his own multiple times daily. And the best (and most interesting) part of all of this was that I noticed that when the pigeons were around he would jump onto the bed without thinking about it. But when he’d get on the bed to see me, he’d climb. It was incredible. It was almost like he didn’t consciously know he could jump.

So what does your cat love? Food? A special toy? Treats? You? Or maybe pigeons? What’s something that’s so precious to him that he’ll try anything, like jumping?

Granted this may not be for all CH kitties, but it definitely worked in this case. CG’s still not a master jumper, but it was amazing to see how far he progressed thanks to those pigeons.

Do you have a success story like this? Share it in the comments!

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  1. Catherine Paciotti permalink
    March 2, 2012 6:15 am

    Dotty can jump like that now most of the time to get up on my lap on the couch and to get up in the bed. But I sit there and go “C’mon, Dotty! Jump! Jump up! You can do it! Jump! Jump! Jump!” It absolutely amazed me the first few times she did it. It still amazes me, really, because she absolutely FLIES up in the air, and if I’m sitting on the couch, sometimes hits me in the chest when she lands. I always praise her effusively, telling her she’s the best jumper in town. Other times, she still climbs. I don’t know why she can only jump some of the time, and I don’t know why she can’t jump onto things like coffee tables and chairs–maybe because they need more precise landing–maybe she could if she wanted to badly enough…One day, I put her in the bathtub, because she’s always standing up peeking into it–and she stood there for a few seconds and then she jumped right out! I couldn’t believe it!

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