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Meet Thumper & Lucy

March 7, 2012

Recently, Cindy sent me her darling story about how two CH cats came into her life rather unexpectedly. I thought some of you would be able to relate, and everyone would be able to enjoy it:

About 4 years ago, my daughter fostered a CH kitten. Even though I’ve had cats most of my life, I’d never been introduced to a CH cat.


When I first met Thumper, my granddaughter was putting him down out of her arms when he tried to jump. Of course, he landed with a thud and I thought she’d dropped him. When I realized how limited his mobility was, and knew that my daughter couldn’t have a “house cat,” I offered to make him the newest member of my cat family (I had 6 at the time). He was about 3 months old.

As with most “floppy” cats, Thumper had a hard time turning corners when running, steps were a real problem, and jumping was almost out of the question. He had good litter box skills from the start — thank goodness!

As I said, he’s about 4 years old now, and most folks only notice a small difference between him and the other cats. He does THUMP very loudly, and takes the steps slowly. I’d prefer that he stay on one level, but I refuse to treat him any differently. He’s all cat and a very happy one. You should see him jump!!! He makes this beautiful arch and, I’m sure, uses twice as much energy as the other cats, but his is the most graceful jump you could imagine! Except when he misjudges and jumps over the stool, his jumps are prefect! When guests leave my house, I have to check their luggage to make sure they haven’t stolen him. He’s very popular with all my friends.


About 2 years ago, I got a call from Thumper’s original rescue agency. They said that since I already had one CH cat, would I consider taking a second one. I already knew I’d say yes, but told her I’d think it over.

Lucy was only about 6 weeks old when I got her and she’s been such a joy. She has more problems than Thumper, and I don’t think she’ll ever be able to jump, but I have cat beds all over the place and 9 sets of doggie steps in strategic places. One way or another, she can get to almost any place the other cats can go … except the kitchen counter (which is a blessing!).

As for stairs, I’m even more concerned that she’ll fall — in fact, she does — but again, I want her to be as normal as possible. I just hold my breath and hope for the best. She goes up from side to side — something that Thumper does also — and comes down very, very slowly!

I love my 2 CH cats. If I were younger I’d take more, but seven cats are all I can handle. I encourage others to look into taking special needs cats. I certainly love mine!!

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