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Make Your Stairs Safer for Your CH Cat

March 17, 2012

A while back, I asked readers if their CH cats could manage stairs. Responses were split across the board — some folks’ CH cats could manage stairs without a problem, and others had to block their cat’s access to their stairs.

If you have stairs in your home and you think your CH cat may learn to manage them, this post is for you. There are several ways you can make your stairs safer and more manageable for your cats.

While hardwood floors may be too slippery for some CH cats, some can learn to manage them quite well if they’re carpeted. However, carpeting your entire stairs can be quite costly.

An alternative to this would be to attach a runner or textured stair pads. Once secured to your steps, they may provide the additional texture and padding your cat needs. Try this only if you’re sure you’re willing to invest in your CH cat — and can accept the possibility he still may not be able to do stairs.

If your cat can manage all but the last few stairs coming down, consider placing a padded rug, blanket or pillow in his crash spot. Don’t forget to place an anti-slip pad underneath it. Alternatively, you can purchase only a few textured stair pads and place them in the tricky spots.

Other folks suggest texturizing your stairs with sandpaper, plastic or rubber stripping. These options may or may not be right for your cat, depending on how much assistance your cat needs while going up and down stairs.

Photo courtesy Tanja

If your stairs’ banisters are the issue, consider weaving plastic sheeting or something like a screen door material through them. You can also find safety netting that you can attach instead.

Martha’s pet parents decided to invest in Lexan, a type of strong, clear plastic, which they installed on the inside of their banisters. While Tanja, Martha’s pet parent, said it was an investment, she says it was worth it since Martha can now go where ever she wants.

Lastly, while it’s pretty much a no-brainer, make sure you keep your stairs clean and free of random objects and significant debris that may startle your cat, make him slip, or force him to navigate around an obstacle.

Have you found ways to make your stairs safer for your CH cat? Please share in the comments!

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