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Are CH Cats More Nervous Than “Normies”?

April 2, 2012

Every so often, I hear a CH cat parent mention how their CHer is noticeably more nervous than their other cats, so I was curious if you’ve noticed that with yours.

Photo courtesy jmawork.

On one hand, nervousness may simply be a personality trait that differs from any cat to cat. I think the characteristic may also be due to a number of factors including a cat’s history, their social order in their home, if there have been changes in your home (from someone moving out to a new litter being used) and more.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if CH cats tend to be a bit more nervous or insecure than other cats, especially if they realize that their abilities are somewhat limited, and they feel vulnerable. If this is the case, don’t fear! There are several things you can do to build your CH cat’s confidence.

Here’s a look at some of the comments from the CH Kitty Club Yahoo Group on the topic:

“Katie is very, very sweet, but she is very easily startled. She runs away if you cough, or even if you laugh loudly… Katie hides when strangers visit. She is especially nervous around women.”

Another said: “I think that some of them may get a bit more nervous in new situations; most cats don’t like change to begin with, and with these guys, it can be difficult for them to figure out how to navigate in new surroundings…but they seem to adapt quickly!”

Even Moose “can do everything, his back end is just really weak, and he gets nervous easily.”

But other CH cat parents say their cats are just as brave:

Roe said about her Hope: “She is so brave and determined she makes me proud to call her mine.”

And Karen says: “Wibbsy (my more severe ch) holds my heart strings in her paws. She is brave and beautiful and when she looks up at you with her big round eyes i would do anything for her.”

So what do you think? Are some CH cats more nervous than others, just like some cats are more nervous than others? Or Do you think there’s a tie to cerebellar hypoplasia?

Please take the poll (one vote per CH cat, please!) — I’m curious to see how’d you describe your cat.

Update 4/3: Thanks to everyone who has taken the poll! Currently 16 kitties have been described, and the number of kitties who are brave compared to those who are nervous is just about even! Some of you commented on Facebook, and I wanted to share those comments here, too.

Patricia Kiefer: Both of my girls spook really easy! EG, loud noise, when someone comes in that they do not know–they hussle under the sofa and then slowly peek out. I suppose its because they know they are vulnerable. But! Sassie, who lives up to her name is fearless with her body. She rushes everywhere and very curious. Bumble, who is much more impaired, is also curious but a little more cautious.

Celeste Tinsley: My CH cat is not shy — not one bit. I foster kittens and Slinky (CH cat) tries to intimidate them with her size (5.5kg) With visitors she wraps herself around your feet so you can’t escape , have to pat her then… She’s very clever like that.

Tam Mapes: Every cat has its own fears its just that CH kitties fly about uncontrolled when spooked so they appear more skittish. My regular cat leaps 3 ft straight up when really spooked.

Raeanne Citera: My male CH baby will scare very easily, but my female nothing spooks her.

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  1. karen permalink
    July 25, 2012 3:58 am

    My boy Lou is extremely outgoing and confident. He came to my little rescue group a’s an eight week old with his brother who also has CH. The other was adopted out and Lou has stayed with me. I never treated him any different than other kittens, just accommodated any needs that he has ( he doesn’t run, except on his front legs only, nor does he jump or climb higher than 12 inches . He has been with MANY other cats and many dogs too and has no fear at all. He is also used to my grandchildren. He greets people and entices them to pick him up even when first meeting them. Maybe it’s just who he is and maybe it’s how I raise them. Karen

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