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Meet Ackie

May 11, 2012

It seems no matter how much you plan and organize, sometimes you drop the ball. That’s just what happened to me with Donna and Ackie’s story — I had it for nearly a year and forgot to share it.

Donna first contacted me about a year ago. She said her cat had been diagnosed with FVS (feline vestibular syndrome), but given the diagnosis was made three years prior, and FVS is supposed to be short-term, she was thinking he may be a CH cat. There’s obviously more to it than that, but I’ll let Donna tell you. Here’s their story:

Back in 2005, I went to a local crowded no-kill shelter just to take a look — yeah, right. I already had cats, but there’s always room for one more.

While walking up an aisle, I noticed a pathetic looking gray kitty in a full walk-in cage. It was obvious he was supposed to be longhaired, but he had very little hair, just nubs and scabs and a rat tail. When I went in the cage, he walked over and told me he loved me. I took him home.

I called him Ack as he was hacking, sneezing, funny looking — but I knew he had the potential to be as beautiful outside as he was inside. I was right, and though it took time, he settled in and stopped pulling out his own hair. He always had a strangeness to him; he walked a little funny and had a strange head tilt. His head wobbled when he got excited, and he’d get a little more jerky. He was treated for an inner ear infection but he never got better.

Three years ago Ackie was chasing a moth that had gotten into the house, and he had some kind of seizure. It was short but afterward he was worse. This is when I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with feline vestibular syndrome.

He is back to what is normal for him, but I watch him and try not to let him get excited. I believe Ackie has a mild form of CH as he can jump (just not high), uses the litter box fine (but is a little messy) and eats very well (and he’s a LOT messy!!!). He runs but sometimes can’t control where he’s going and zig zags.

I think he may be deaf too as he doesn’t respond to sounds. He loves to play with a catnip mouse or laser pointer, but I try to get him to take it easy in fear he may have another one of those seizures.

He has a best friend he play fights with, and they groom each other. When he gets tense, for example, if he gets into a room and can’t figure out how to get out, he meows VERY loudly. He also circles and screeches every morning (no need for an alarm clock!) but stops as soon as he gets his canned food.

Ack’s a vocal cat and chirrups and talks with me whenever he’s awake. Just touching him when he’s sleeping awakens the symphony in him.

Ackie is very loving and has the loudest purr I’ve ever heard. He’s a great-hearted cat, and I’m so glad he chose me that day!

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