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If You Need a Good Cry…

June 10, 2012

I don’t remember when I first found CH Cats and Kittens, a “blog for moms and dads of kittens and cats with cerebellar hypoplasia,” but I will always remember how it touched my heart.

Comprised of just 11 posts, CH Cats and Kittens tells the heartwarming tale of two CHers, Tank and Enya, adopted by Katina and her husband.

Originally, the couple had only planned to adopt Tank, who had mild CH. But when it was discovered that Enya wobbled severely, and the vet suggested that she be put to sleep, Katina knew she had to step in and save her life.

“She is so small, so sweet, and I just knew she needed a CHANCE to live, a chance to adapt to her handicap,” Katina wrote on November 11, 2008. “I can tell Enya is a MIRACLE baby and I need to share her story to help save other kittens like her.”

Throughout the next few posts, the kittens’ successes, struggles and lessons are documented in the most precise way.

Tragically, Enya took a turn for the worse in December of that year. They began to wonder if there was something more than CH going on in her little body.

The next post, in August of 2009 is titled “She was loved.” It’s an absolutely beautiful tribute after little Enya passed away.

Happily, Katina came back and posted about Tank about a year later. He’s a long, lean, silly cat, she writes, and you can barely tell he has CH. He is absolutely gorgeous, and you can tell he’s very much loved.

At the end of her very first post on the blog, Katina wrote something that has always stuck with me. Even before all of Enya’s health issues began, they were devoted to their kittens. They knew that those special babies had lives worth living. They knew they could help. And that’s just so beautiful.

“They CAN adapt and live happy lives – they just need a little extra patience, love and care.”

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  1. June 11, 2012 11:06 am

    Even though it is such a sad story, I thank you very much for sharing it. Reading about Thomas and Enya was a great blessing to me.

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