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Shelter Love: Pawsitive Karma Rescue

June 16, 2012

In honor of Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, and simply because we love shelters that give cerebellar hypoplasia cats a chance, check out Pawsitive Karma Rescue, located in central Texas.

Photo courtesy Pawsitive Karma Rescue

The other day the rescue published an exciting post on their blog: Two Special Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kittens Join PKR, and I’m so glad that the rescue had the resources and heart to welcome and help these two kittens.

Just take a look — they’re absolutely precious. Meet Triton and Sebastian. These two were born to a feral mom. Things were a bit shaky at the start (in more ways than one!), and soon the shelter realized that they had CH.

Despite that, of course, the PKR post says that these two are some of the happiest kittens they’ve ever met, and they love to snuggle, wrestle, and play.

Triton, the orange kitten, is considered to have moderate CH. He can walk and run, but cannot jump. He’s getting better with each day, and he’s learning how to use the litter box and eat on his own. He likes to play more than to learn “basic cat etiquette,” they say, but he sounds like a dream.

Photo courtesy Pawsitive Karma Rescue

Sebastian, the tuxedo kitten, has more severe CH. Although she may not be as mobile as Triton, they say she definitely outshines him in the smarts department. She must be propped up to eat, and has started to use the litter box without assistance.

Recently, the two CH kittens were introduced to two other foster kittens, and PKR says “the results have been remarkable.” According to the post, the CH kittens are beginning to mimic their friends, and consequently, they are continuing to make progress.

PKR also realizes that “there are only a handful of exceptional people willing to take on the challenges of special needs pets.” So let’s help them out by spreading the word about Triton and Sebastian! These two special kittens deserve all the help they can get.

Do you know a shelter that has CH kittens for adoption? Please share in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do!

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  1. June 16, 2012 11:34 am

    I am hopeful for these two little guys. And I shared a tweet for them!

  2. Jacquie B permalink
    June 19, 2012 3:33 am

    Best of luck to Triton and Sabastiana. They will most certainly be adopted, I pray. They are so precious.

  3. Gabrielle permalink
    July 4, 2012 1:23 am

    A shelter we fostered for has a potential CH cat named Jace. He really needs a special person to adopt him. It hink it’s CH because my sister once had a kitten with it. I showed a video to a vet and he said it was CH. That kitten, sadly, didn’t make it due to another sickness, but Jace’s shaking, wobbling, and falling certainly seems like CH to me, though I admit, I’m not a vet. I know that he has some problems with the litter box, and he wobbles a lot and can’t walk straight. He’s friendly (with people) though and likes to play. My kids love to visit him. The shelter is Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter in Parkville, MO. He’s on Petfinder:

  4. Bunny permalink
    September 28, 2012 7:27 am

    HI i don’t know of any shelter,but i have a adult male that needs rescue named WICCA .He is super sweet an friendly .He is a stray cat that i’m looking to find a home .I am a TNR colony caretaker who takes care of 50+cats .Any suggestion please.Because he wants to keep going outside with the other cats an i’m afraid he get hurt.

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