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Meet Starr Blue

July 14, 2012

Every so often, a CH cat parent will contact me with their cat’s story, and I just love it! Meeting CH cat parents and learning about their kitties is just such a delight, especially Misty Dawn who told me about her Starr Blue:

Starr Blue (Starr Starr) is about 6-years-old. Her middle name is after Josh Blue, the comedian with Cerebral Palsy.

She has moderate CH. She has improved greatly since I adopted her at a year old. Her only limitations really are jumping up on something and she has a bit of trouble on tile floors. I don’t have stairs, so I don’t know how she would do with them.

She is fine in the litter box. She eats and drinks fine. She can even climb her way up a computer chair to get to the feeder on top of a dog crate.

She can land on her feet off the couch most times, and even off of the crate with the feeder. I have a cat tower, that I got because I thought it would be “Starr proof.” But one day I came home to find her at the top (It’s about 4 1/2-feet-tall)! I’m not sure how she got up there, but she did a few more times too!

She has never hurt herself since I’ve had her, although she has some broken fang tips that were like that when I got her.

Starr is very loving, but she has her skitzo moments where she suddenly turns grouchy. She likes to cuddle and play with her mylar “crinkle” ball. She also loves the laser!

Starr requires no special care, other than she requires a little added fiber every other day to help keep her from having diarrhea.

CH cats are some of the most rewarding cats to have. I love her and wouldn’t trade her for the world. I will always have a CH kitty. There is nothing wrong with them, she doesn’t know she’s different. They deserve a chance at a happy life, just like every other cat!

I don’t have any downsides to having Starr, other than cleaning would be easier with tile floors, but that wouldn’t be safe for her.

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