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6 Ways to Help Your Cat Cool Off This Summer

July 18, 2012

Summer is here, and sometimes it can be difficult to escape the heat.


Thankfully we have air conditioning in our Chicago apartment, but sometimes it just can’t keep up! So what can you do to make sure your kitty stays cool on hot days? Here are some suggestions:

  • Fresh water: This is always a must — be especially sure to fill their water bowls with fresh water daily, if not more often. On very hot days, leave out extra bowls. If your cat doesn’t mind them, try adding a few ice cubes to the water. (If anything, they may provide an ice-cold toy they can play with!)
  • Keep your house cool: Keep the air conditioning on during the day, if possible, and close your blinds/shades so the sun doesn’t heat things up too much. If the AC isn’t an option, place a fan in a window and keep it on during the day. Be mindful that some fans scare cats, so even if you have a fan on, the circulating air may not reach their hiding spot.
  • Provide naturally cooler places: Bathroom and kitchen tile (even the bathtub!) tend to stay cool and may provide a cool spot for your cat to lay. Basements and lower levels are also naturally cooler, providing an ideal place for your cat to sleep during the day.
  • Limit playtime: If the day’s a scorcher, and you can tell your cats are uncomfortable, don’t encourage them to play or overexert themselves. Strenuous activity can raise their body temperatures, which you’ll want to avoid.
  • Use your freezer: Place small buckets of water in your icebox so they freeze. Then leave out those containers (it may be a good idea to put them on a towel or plate so the condensation doesn’t hurt your floors) around the house. They’ll provide cool sources of water and will be nice for your cat to lay near. You can also place an icepack (covered in a towel) in or near your cat’s favorite sleeping spot.
  • Car trips: Never, ever leave your cat in a warm car — even with the windows open! During car travel, make sure the air conditioning can reach your cat and, if possible, keep the carrier out of the sun. If it’s a longer trip, make sure you bring water and ice.
  • Trouble: If none of these options work for you, or if it’s just too hot, see if you can have your cat spend the day at a friend’s cooler house. If you think your cat may be suffering from the heat, check for signs of heat stroke.

Your cat will thank you!

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  1. Lauren Torggler permalink
    July 18, 2012 7:37 pm

    We had no power and air conditioning for almost a week in over 100 degree weather a few weeks ago. Mimosa and I tried sleeping in the basement for a few days but I eventually had to take her and check into a pet-friendly hotel, even though most were booked. I knew she was getting extremely overheated when she was even too miserable to play with her toys (which is a rarity). She absolutely hated the hotel but the air conditioning was a definite must!

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