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‘Differently-Abled’ Audrey Needs Forever Home In Toronto, Canada

August 30, 2012

A few days ago Michelle reached out to tell me about Audrey, a CH cat located in Toronto, who is waiting for her forever home. When Audrey’s former owner realized she could no longer keep her, Michelle stepped in to temporarily foster her.

Michelle was kind enough to share a bit about Audrey, in hopes that we can get the word out about her!

According to Michelle:

Audrey is a well-loved 7-year-old little lady. Recently, because of reduced space in the home, her long-time feline companions have turned on her, and are mercilessly picking on her. Her quality of life has decreased and she is becoming anxious. Right now she is in a temporary foster home.

Audrey has moderate CH. She can always get to where she wants to go, it just takes longer and there might be some wipe-outs in between. She cannot jump, but she pulls herself onto beds and couches so she can cuddle with her humans. Stairs however are a hazard. She is perfectly able to use her litter box and does so every time — no accidents. She is also the cleanest cat I know — I don’t know how she does it, but she is spotless. She also has fur that is as soft as a bunny rabbit.

Her personality is loving and sweet, and she bonds with her caregiver. She absolutely adores sleeping in your bed with you. However, other cats in the house make her anxious (because of her past), and that can make her defensive. She is definitely a “people cat” and would need a home without other cats or with cats that are known to be accepting of others.

Audrey is playful, and when chasing the “little red dot” she can be remarkably coordinated and fast! Anything that dangles is up for grabs. She has definitely not lost her lust for life!

Audrey is spayed, and in perfect health (other than the CH), and would be a wonderful companion. We are hoping for a somewhat open adoption where we could get updates on how she is doing, and if it didn’t work out at any point, we would be happy to have her back.

For more information on Audrey, please contact Michelle den Hollander,

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