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Meet Luna Süna & Spike

August 31, 2012

Earlier this year, CH Kitty Club founder Lizzie brought home two special CH kittens after a major life event. Luna Süna and Spike, a girl and a boy, were born while in foster care on March 13, in Virginia. Here’s their story according to Lizzie:

When Tardy died on April 25, 2012, I believe he sent these babies our way so we would stop crying so much. Well, that didn’t work, but we still love them.

Luna Süna and Spike were in the Appalachian Mountains. I rented a car and a hotel room and zoomed off to pick them up. It was a very nice five-plus-hour drive, all the way on one highway, although the mountains were kinda scary!

How severe are their cases of CH?

Luna Süna is moderate, and Spike is severe.

Do they have certain limitations?

Lu can do anything, except she does it sideways. Spike can’t walk and is mostly blind; he requires more care.

How do they manage the litter box? Eating and drinking? Do you do anything special to help?

Lu launches herself into the litter box; Spike uses the potty towels most of the time. If I have him in the living room I have to carry him back to his bedroom a few times a day and put him onto the potty towels. I have to put food and water in front of Spike a few times a day, but he definitely knows the sound of the Temptations bag!!

What’s one funny story about them (related to CH)? Or share a story about how they figured out how to do something CH cats “can’t” do.

Luna runs sideways, and if she gets going too fast, she will aim toward a wall and use it as a brake. She has scaled every piece of furniture in our house.


Have they ever hurt themselves because of their CH?

Not yet.

Each animal is special in his/her own way. How are they special?

They are special because Tardy sent them to me to take care of.

Have you found ways to help them? How?

Since I’ve had three CHers before them, and still have Ziggy monster, we were pretty set up for them already.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other CH parents?

Don’t stop at one!

What do you think people need to know about CH?

A lot. Let’s keep spreading the word and educating people about these special babies.


What is your favorite and least favorite thing about his/her having CH?

My favorite thing is that when I started the CH Kitty Club 15 years ago I was just trying to get in contact with other CH parents, but the whole thing has become so much more. I am very proud of all I’ve been able to accomplish and all the CH lives Tardy and I have saved since starting the CH Kitty Club.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Ziggy is still evil — but we love him!!

You can find some videos of on the CH Kitty Club YouTube page.

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  1. September 1, 2012 2:46 pm

    They are the cutest.

  2. Rich B permalink
    September 2, 2012 8:08 pm

    Great cats, glad you adopted them!

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