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8 Supplies You’ll Need For Your New CH Cat

September 4, 2012

When it comes to purchasing the essentials for your new CH cat, many may seem rather obvious. You can travel down the aisles of any pet store and practically pick up everything you need.

Photo courtesy Mr. T in DC

Nevertheless, sometimes we go to the store for the obvious, and come home with everything but. Here’s a list of the essentials you should definitely have before your cat comes home, as well as some things that you can consider buying in the future.

Essential Supplies

  • Food: The shelter will let you know about the cat’s eating habits: If they eat wet and/or dry, how much, and what brand. You may even receive a bag of food to take home with your cat.  If you’re considering changing the type of food, wait a few days and first consult your veterinarian.
  • Food  and water dishes: You may want to carefully consider which dishes would be best for your CH cat, depending on how wobbly he is. You may also want to consider purchasing mats to place underneath the bowls.
  • Litter box and litter: Again, you may want to stick with the same brand/type of litter your cat used at the shelter. The type of litter box you purchase should take your cat’s abilities into account. Don’t forget to buy the litter scoop, disposal bags and a mat to place outside of the litter box. (It’ll catch the litter that is carried out.)
  • Cat bed: Line it with a thin blanket or towel for extra comfort.
  • Medications: These are only necessary if they’ve been prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • Photo courtesy Tabbymom Jen

    Toys: Your shelter may be able to clue you in to which types of toys are your cat’s favorite. You can also check out popular toys for CH cats as well as the best free toys.

  • Carrier: You’ll want it to be large enough so your cat can get up and turn around in it. You may want to consider purchasing a hard-plastic carrier instead of a fabric one, as your wobbler may appreciate the sturdiness and support.
  • Scratching post: You’ll want to train your cat to use this (and not the furniture!) from the moment he comes home. Consider one that’s stable, as your CH cat may pull it over.

Other things you should consider:

  • Extra towels
  • Additional area rugs
  • A small dust pan and broom
  • Brush or comb
  • Cat trees/condos
  • Cat nail clippers
  • Cat toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Collar, harness and leash
  • Boxes (that they can play in)

Depending on the cat’s age, especially if it’s a kitten, you may also want to consider hot water bottles, a smaller litter box, and a stuffed animal they can cuddle with.

Is there anything else you think a new CH cat would need? Please share in the comments!

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  1. September 4, 2012 12:30 pm

    Foam floor tiles, can’t beat those for the CH babies!

    • misty santos permalink
      October 30, 2015 7:50 pm

      My little kitten was just diagnosed with CH tonight, why the foam floor tiles?m,sa

  2. September 5, 2012 9:09 am

    Is there any place to buy items such as a walker or feeding stand for the more sever CH kitties, or would these be homemade?

  3. August 13, 2014 1:04 am

    One other thing I would add to this is that if you can get a running water fountain (such as Drinkwell), do it. I’ve found that it helps my CH cat to judge the depth of the water so he’s less apt to fall into the dish from not being able to see the water or judge the distance/depth. Also, I’ve heard that running water is better for all types of pets than just a dish of standing water. When I switched to this I noticed that all of my cats started to drink more water.

  4. Novy Foland permalink
    August 19, 2018 4:58 pm

    The Breeze litter system works great for ours. It gives her something to lean against and the pellets don’t make as big of a mess as regular litter does. We have also put an old blanket on the cushions of our couch and it hangs down to the floor so she can climb up onto the couch.

  5. Virginia permalink
    January 15, 2020 8:17 pm

    Cat wipes for those times when your cat may get “poopy paws” when exiting their litter box.

  6. Kathy permalink
    January 26, 2022 8:34 pm

    Pup Whiz waterproof pads are the number one most useful item I’ve used for my sweet CH boy! I also have a 1” deep sturdy plastic boot tray I use as a litter box.

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