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Check Out Kiki’s Stair-Ramp Combo

September 14, 2012

So it seems that ramps are all the rage lately!

And it’s not a surprise why — ramps can be super helpful to CH cats.

The other day, Renee sent a photo of the homemade ramp her husband designed and made on his own for their CH cat, Kiki.

Here’s a bit from Renee along with the photos:

“We got the supplies at a local hardware/lumber store, and I had gotten some carpet remnants/squares for free from work. The result is a ramp/stairs/hide-a-way for Kiki. She practices on the stairs, stretches and stratches her claws on the wide ramp, and especially loves sitting on top, peeking out windows to watch the world.

“I love that the ramp is very stable, especially for her stratching, because other scratchers just couldn’t stay upright when her claws were locked into it, and she fell randomly. She loves the open stairs, so she can “hide” and pop her paws out at strings, etc. And the open stairs provide more ventilation for the “cave”. She loves to run and try to jump on top too.

“We’ve noticed she’s gotten better at it in time, with all her practice! I thought you might enjoy seeing the ‘masterpiece’.”

Thanks for sending this in, Renee! Have you constructed anything like this for your CH cat? If so, please share!

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  1. Lauren Torggler permalink
    September 15, 2012 2:34 pm

    What a fantastic creation! I would love to have something like that for Mimosa, but I’m not sure my husband or I are capable of creating it. Are you taking orders? haha

  2. Shoshanna permalink
    September 16, 2012 7:31 am

    Hi, Rene, I love your Stair-Ramp-Cave !
    It reminds me of an Egyptian Pyramid; Kiki would be the Sphinx chillin’ on the top.

    My Elvis discovered the joy of an actual staircase last month when ours got carpeted.
    New neighbor moved downstairs; we laid low- nap carpet for noise control.

    Now, Elvis had already gone down the staircase once, the hard way, while it was still bare wood.

    It was not an area he normally has access to but he wobbled out and, WHEEEEE!, slid down arms and legs extended as if he rode an invisible boogie board.
    He was not hurt; it was like, ” I meant to do that .”
    When Mommy recovered from her heart attack, we did go out to the yard, his favorite thing, where he knew the staircase led.

    And lo and behold, we found – again, more or less unintentionally- that he could navigate those stairs ( we’re talking 14 steps! ) by gripping the new carpet. Up AND down !

    He loves it, now ( supervised! ) he descends and ascends with a noticeable swagger of pride:
    ” I got this ! ”

    So, yep, stairs + ramp + carpet =
    Happy CH’er !

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