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How Many Kittens In A Litter Can Have Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

November 1, 2012

One of the key characteristics to remember about cerebellar hypoplasia is that it impacts each individual cat differently.

Photo courtesy mathias-erhart

This starts while the kittens are still in the womb. No matter what happens to initiate cerebellar hypoplasia in kittens, meaning whatever stunts the cerebellum’s development, the impact it has on each and every kitten can be totally different.

Now this can range from all of the kittens being born with severe CH, every kitten having a different severity of CH, or some kittens being born without it. The possibilities really are endless, but the point is, it’s different for every kitten.

To learn more about the different degrees of CH a cat can be born with, check out this post on the varying severities of cerebellar hypoplasia.

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