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10 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Pet

November 24, 2012

November is known for many things – football, Thanksgiving, the change of seasons. But did you also know that November is Adopt a Senior Pet month?

Eloise is a 17-year-old lady available for adoption in Chicago. Click the link for more info!

Like special needs cats, senior pets are considered less adoptable. There are many reasons people shy away from adopting senior pets, but that doesn’t make them any less incredible.

If you or a friend have been considering adopting, please read and share these 10 reasons to adopt a senior pet.

1. Some folks may think they can’t face losing a pet who they’ve adopted recently. But just think about the end of this animal’s life – doesn’t he or she deserve the best last few months or years possible? Sometimes the best decisions in life are less about us and focused on the needs of another.

2. That said, some potential adopters may not be ready for a 15-20+ year-long commitment to a pet. A senior pet can be an excellent option for folks like the elderly or people with certain long-term plans. This doesn’t mean adopting a senior pet is a less serious commitment, but it could be a shorter one.

3. Senior pets, especially those who have lived most of their lives at a shelter, seem to understand when they’ve been adopted, and they’re thankful for it. If you’re looking for an instant bond with an adopted pet, this is one great way to get it!

4. What you see with senior pets is usually what you’ll get. This can make the adoption process so much easier since you already know the animal’s size, temperament and health history and concerns (if any). Often their personalities are already developed, so they won’t be such a mystery. That said, some pets who have lived out their whole lives in a shelter may even blossom when they come home. 

5. But don’t take #4 to mean that senior pets are stuck in their ways. In fact, senior pets can be taught new tricks – contrary to the saying. For example, older cats have longer attention spans and can control their impulses more so than a younger cat. Since they’re calmer and have more life experience around humans, they can better understand what we’re asking of them, too.

Photo courtesy bohemiandolls

6. Depending on the pet, senior pets may require less (intense) exercise or stimulation. This is excellent news for folks who don’t have the time to always amuse their kitten or take an energetic dog on a long walk or run.

7. Senior pets don’t require around-the-clock care like young cats and dogs do. Forget taking a puppy out at all hours or wondering if your kitten has forgotten where the litter pan is located. Senior pets are already toilet trained, plus they’re generally familiar with proper household behavior and etiquette.

8. Sooner or later, all pets learn what’s important in life: love, naps and food. And how can you blame them? This relaxed lifestyle, with some exercise thrown in, can be a senior pet’s (and his owner’s) dream.

9. If you’re looking for a pet who will seamlessly become a part of your life, consider a senior pet, especially one who has already lived in a home. They often know what it means to live in a home and get along with others, and this could mean that they settle in quickly.

10. And lastly, as mentioned above, senior cats are some of the most difficult to home. Please don’t deny a cat or dog a chance at experiencing a forever family simply because her age is in the double digits or she has a few gray hairs.

Have I missed anything? Have you adopted a senior pet? Did it change your life? How? Please share in the comments!

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  1. November 24, 2012 8:05 am

    Jen adopted Malachi at 8 years old. That’s not a senior, but he was by no means a spring chicken. He’s been with us a year this month and he’s thriving in our crazy home!

  2. January 13, 2013 11:33 pm

    Hai Amanda 🙂
    I adopted a male stray cat from street, and vet said he might 8-10 years old, and I’ve got very warm, peacefull condition from him.
    There always lot of love if we decided to adopt senior pet 🙂

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