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5 Things You Can Do To Help CH Cats

November 28, 2012

A while back, the ASPCA sent me a some information on their Action Plan. It basically explained five steps that the ASCPA is taking to help animals, and it also suggested five steps we can all take to do our part.

Photo courtesy zruda

Since the holidays are here, it’s a great time to be reminded of all of the big and little things we can do that can make a big difference. Who knows, you may even want to adopt this list as resolutions for the new year!

Here’s how you can help:

Speak up: Take the time to tell others about your CH cats. By simply sharing your story, you’ll help others understand that less adoptable pets, like CH cats, may be some of the best pets you’ll ever know. Not sure how to put your appreciation into words? Here are some ideas.

Advocate: Take an extra step and become proactive for CH cats. Educate yourself so you can answer questions about cerebellar hypoplasia confidently when they come your way. You can also spread the word by printing out these great CH educational materials and dropping them off at your local vet, shelter, pet store and more.

By speaking up for CH cats and becoming an advocate, you’ll be doing a great deal to inform people of CH. You never know when this may come in handy. A few weeks ago, one of my husband’s friends met our cats. He seemed a bit unsure of them at first, but soon they wobbled into his heart!

Recently, he told me that he thinks one of the cats his family had while he was young could have been a CH cat. They never knew what was “wrong” with her, but by meeting our cats, he was able to make the connection.

Write a letter to your local paper: Not sure what to write? Here are a few ideas: If your local shelter has adoptable CH cats, in your letter explain the condition, how special needs cats need a chance, and praise your shelter for doing the right thing. You may also simply want to write about how your CH cat has changed your life, and add a link to adoptable CH cats, in case people want to find out more. This can be especially helpful during Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week (in September), Adopt a Shelter Cat Month (June), and kitten season.

Photo courtesy bhermans

No matter what you write, you’ll be spreading the word to others who may be unfamiliar with the issue, and by contacting your local paper, they’ll be reminded that it’s an important, ongoing issue too! Don’t believe that you can make a difference? Check out how one CH cat’s life was changed when her story was taken to the local news channel!

Volunteer at a local shelter: From helping with the animals to aiding in fundraising, every action you take will be appreciated. Many shelters are understaffed, so your assistance may be exactly what they need.

Don’t have time to volunteer? That’s OK, you can help in numerous other ways. Consider donating to your shelter. The donation can be financial, or even linens and towels that you may not need any more. You can also call your local shelter to see if you can donate crafts or baked goods to fund-raisers. The possibilities are endless!

Foster and adopt: I know, these are the biggies, but they are the most sure-fire way that you’ll positively impact an animal’s life! Even if you can’t foster, perhaps you can help with transporting cats to a shelter or home if they come to your city. Keep an eye on the CH Cats and Kittens Facebook page to see if one needs help.

How have you found ways to help CH kitties? Please share in the comments!

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  1. November 28, 2012 9:46 am

    I adopted a CH cat after seeing a CH cat-owning coworker’s posting that there were two in need of a home. She included a video of a CH cat in action, and somehow I knew then & there I needed to do it. It’ll be two years in mid-December since Elf came into our lives, and I couldn’t love her more. She’s sweet and loving, and it’s so gratifying to see her gradually warm up to others, to hold her own in a house that has since gained a second dog and another cat. She & I bonded instantly and I’ve never once regretted the decision. As a result of having Elf, my partner has educated our local shelter about them, and I’m confident that any CH kitties coming their way would have a chance to be adopted by a loving family. Please keep up the good work that YOU do!!

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