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Yes, We’re Definitely Cat People.

December 4, 2012

The other day I shared some big news: We’re moving!

Oddly enough, IKEA was not one of the eight stores we visited. Photo courtesy epsos.

Thankfully the whole process has been going incredibly smoothly, and it’s shocking to think that two weeks ago we had no idea any of this would be happening.

That said, I’ve already spent some time imagining room color schemes, thinking about what pieces of furniture we’ll need to purchase, etc. My husband and I even spent a whole weekend shopping around at local furniture stores to learn what styles we like and to see if there was anything we wanted to purchase.

Well, after going to at least eight stores, I’m happy to say that my husband and I purchased our first *real* piece of furniture as a couple. And, it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that it’s actually a piece of furniture for the cats!

That’s right. Two days and eight stores worth of shopping, and the only piece of furniture that we found that we knew we needed to buy was for CG and Ellie. We’re odd, I know. I just embrace it.

So what is this irresistible piece of furniture, you ask?

It’s an ottoman. Hear me out. 

In our new dining room there’s a window that looks out into our backyard. There’s a tree back there, and a bird feeder, and I’m hoping we can transform the backyard into a bird’s paradise, which would in turn make our cats some of the happiest in the world.

The window is only about 20″ from the floor, so we figured it would be the perfect location for a seat for the cats.

After analyzing what would work best for them and look best in the space, we decided on this ottoman. It’s less than 20″ tall, which means it’ll fit in front of the window nicely, plus it’s short enough for the cats to easily climb onto it.

It’s also rectangular in shape (17.5″ by 34″) so it won’t come out too far into the dining room, but it will be wide enough for two cats – even if they’re having an off day and need some extra space between them.

Plus, I love how the cushion comes nearly to the floor. This should ensure that even Ellie can get a good grip, climb up and hold on.

And, if you want me to get practical, I can also rationalize this purchase by saying it can make great additional seating in the living room if needed. Plus it was on sale!

So there you have it. Our first real home purchase is for our cats. We should receive it in a few days, and when we do, I’ll give you a pre-move update as to how they like it (if they do)!

Have you ever made a “crazy” purchase like this for your cats? Or perhaps you’ve done something else that was “crazy” that only CH cat owners could appreciate? Please share in the comments!

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  1. December 5, 2012 7:04 am

    We just bought a house also, and we spent $16,000 on a CH friendly floor, so we obviously, completely understand :))

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