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A Litter Box Tip From Peanut

December 8, 2012

As we know, finding the right litter box for our CH cat can be as difficult as our CH cats are different.

Consequently, CH cat parents may find themselves trying several litter pan options before they find the best one that works for their cat.

If you’re still looking for the right option, you may want to try this suggestion that comes from Peanut and Melissa.

This tip is especially helpful since cats come in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes they’re a super small size – kittens, I mean, not litter boxes. Well, litter boxes too. And, if your cat has cerebellar hypoplasia, chances are you’ll need to spend more time considering what’s the proper litter box for him or her.

Here’s how Melissa solved her litter box problem when her CH kitty Peanut was the just a peanut:

First Melissa removed the top half of her cat carrier, and covered the bottom half with a plastic bag. She then made a litter box out of a shoe box and placed it in the back of the carrier.

This was an ideal solution for Peanut who was so small that he would have a difficult time scaling the wall of a traditional kitten litter box. The lined cat carrier also allowed for quick clean-up in case of an accident.

As you can see, she transformed the top half of the carrier into a bed for him!

What type of litter box did you use for your CH cat when he or she was a kitten? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Janice permalink
    December 10, 2012 7:34 am

    Been trying different ideas for over two years- still can’t find the right one-
    now, we are using a ‘piddle pad’ and it is ‘hit or miss’ Clarence is severe CH and
    can not walk at all- but leaps around great- and ‘scoots’ where he want to go- if any one has any suggestions-
    would be very greatful.

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