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A Story Of Serendipity: The Bus & Buster

January 21, 2013

Isn’t it funny when we simply know that our CH kitty is “the one”?


That was the case for Sheila when she decided to adopt Buster.

Here’s the story, told by Sheila:

“The shelter at which I volunteered hosted a ‘bus event’ and loaded up some cats and dogs from their other locations to share with the public in efforts to get them adopted.

I was sitting outside with an adoptable dog, and saw Buster’s little face in one of the windows. At the end of my shift I went in to ask about him, and that was that!

He had been found in a box outside the shelter’s doors one morning, so we had no info whatsoever about him. He had a cold, and wouldn’t purr, so of course he had to be mine! (He has since found his purr!)”

How cute is that?

Read more adoption stories or, if you feel inspired, send in your own!

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