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Rita Trusts Her Intuition, Is Blessed With Gil

February 26, 2013
Gil’s adoption story reminds us of how important our intuition can be! But this story doesn’t start with Gil; it starts with his mother.


A female cat would visit Rita’s garden often to eat the bread she threw out for the birds. Rita soon started putting out cat food for the her, and when wintertime came, she trapped the cat, “Pebbles,” and decided she’d take her to the vet.

Although Rita already had four cats at home, all which were rescued from the streets, she wanted to take care of Pebbles.

One vet visit later, and Pebbles came home vaccinated. Although the vet had set up an appointment to have her spayed, Rita had a feeling that she shouldn’t go through with it.

A few weeks later, Rita’s intuition proved right: Pebbles gave birth to four kittens – and they had no idea that she was even pregnant!

A month later, it was clear that one of the kittens was having trouble getting around and feeding from his mom, but Pebbles didn’t want to put up with the hassle. So, Rita gave this special boy some TLC. She hand-fed him; giving him kitten milk and eventually kitten food.

The three siblings were adopted out to good homes, but Gil remains with Rita. They have a special routine and a bond that can’t be broken!

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