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Meet Lily

March 21, 2013

The other day, you were able to read a bit about Lily’s adoption and how she became an essential part of Jennifer’s family. Today, we take a look at Lily’s abilities as a 7-year-old moderate CH cat.

Lily6Does she have certain limitations?

She climbs a lot, especially up our furniture. Ruined upholstery is a small price to pay for a little angel. Sometimes she can jump on things, but it has to be low, and it’s 50/50 whether it works out. She can go up carpeted stairs, but going down is much more difficult. She has stairs near the bed she’ll use to go up, but she doesn’t like using them to go down, so we end up making crash pads of pillows for her – which she sometimes refuses and tries to jump away from. (Such a cat.)

How does she manage the litter box? Eating and drinking? Do you do anything special to help?

The litter box is tough, but not too tough. She’ll make maybe one to two messes a week, nothing too crazy for us. She is just fine with eating and drinking. Poor girl has crushed up Phenobarbital in every meal, and she still eats every last bite.

What’s one funny story about her (related to CH)? Or share a story about how she figured out how to do something CH cats “can’t” do.  

Lily has this amazing “gallop” when she runs. Luckily, we have a long hallway in our apartment that is carpeted, so when she gets really hyper and excited she will gallop down it, listing from side to side at a very fast pace – and sometimes runs into the walls. Somehow she manages to never get hurt, thank God, but it is the cutest thing to witness.

Lily5Has she ever hurt herself because of her CH?  

Nothing yet, but I do worry about her joints as she gets older – since she doesn’t always land on her feet when she jumps off things.

Each animal is special in his/her own way. How is she special?

Lily is special for many reasons, but specifically she has a heart-shaped nose.

Have you found ways to help her with CH? How?

We have always used the “four on the floor” rule, before we even read the blog and knew it was a thing. We have steps for the bed, and luckily favor low/modern furniture that is easier for her to get onto.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other CH parents?

I know for me, adopting Lily was one of the top five best things I’ve done in my life, which includes Lily, meeting my husband, living in Italy, etc., so I would highly recommend it!

Lily4What do you think people need to know about CH?

If the kitty is mild-moderate, it really isn’t much different from having a “regular” cat. But the personalities that seem to come with these cats is worth more than a million normal cats in my opinion. They are just so much sweeter – and every time we go to the vet, word gets out that there is a CH kitten in the office and we get many visits from random techs while we are in the waiting room or even in the examination room, because so many people are interested.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about her having CH?

Favorite: Her personality, when she “talks” to us, and of course I just love her wobbly walk. Least favorite: When she is having a bad day or week and drags her backside because she can’t seem to get the one side to work upright.

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  1. Carolyn permalink
    March 22, 2013 9:35 am

    I have 2 of these special ktties. Betty & Bernie Bobblehead, sister & brother. Bernie doesn’t jump, he flies like a flying squirrel! He usually hits his mark. But Betty stands up to leap and ends up in the same place. She doesn’t jump forward. I worry about them getting hurt and have the best I can to place funiture in places to assist them. They are just too hysterical!

  2. Shoshanna permalink
    March 23, 2013 5:28 am

    Hi, Jenny & Lily !
    Great love story, thanks! – and awesome artwork.
    She is so cozy and dreamy on her leopard bed. Sweet cat, cool mom.
    Elvis and I are very jealous of you guys living in Italy. We are in Florida. She’s a-flat.
    Good for a CH’er but popular culture’s a trip to the Walmart.

    Blessings, Shoshanna

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