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A Post For New CH Cat Parents

April 28, 2013
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Sometimes adopting a cat can be a little unnerving, especially if that cat is special needs and has cerebellar hypoplasia.

CG - kitten 2

One of CG’s first photos. Notice how the nightstand’s shelf is covered with a blue towel, so he couldn’t hurt himself on the corners!

In the first few hours of adopting CG, I definitely had second thoughts, wondering if I could handle it, and if I’d be able to help him adequately. I soon fell head-over-heals for this guy, and I quickly realized that we were a team.

Fortunately, as we all find out, CH cats bring a certain joy to our lives – and soon we cannot imagine living without them! And thanks to that joy, we can get through some tough times: Figuring out litter box issues, how to keep our cats safe, and a host of other concerns.

So if you’re new to being a CH cat parent, this post is for you. Over time, I’ve written about many of the situations that I and this blog’s readers have come across, and I hope the information will be helpful. The truth is, being a CH cat parent can be difficult. But you can do it. And wow, is it worth it!

If you’re completely new to cerebellar hypoplasia, don’t worry! Start here with this Cerebellar Hypoplasia Basics Guide. It’ll fill you in on most of the information you’ll likely want to know right away like: How can you tell if a cat has CH? Can it be diagnosed? What are other conditions that have similar characteristics to CH?

Once you’re all set with the basics, it’s time to move on! Again, the links below include just some of the links you may find helpful. I’d suggest simply exploring one day by looking through the tags section (to the right) for more posts that may help and inspire you. Think there’s something I should cover that hasn’t been yet? Please contact me! I love to hear from readers. Good luck!

Before Adoption Day & Beyond

Finding The Right…

Health & The Vet

Mobility & Getting Around

Safety Around The House

Exercise, Playtime & Toys

  • Click here to find posts on the best reader-suggested toys for CH cats, plus toys you can make for free!
  • While you’re at it, check out these exercise and playtime posts, too.


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