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The Adoption Story Of Mister Wobbles

May 30, 2013

The other day I reconnected with CH cat parent Paige, and what a joy it has been!

Like many other CH cat parents, Paige has been deeply impacted by her special needs kitty. From the moment he entered her life, which you’ll read about below, she has found ways to accommodate his needs and enhance his life.

Mister Wobbles. Photo courtesy Paige One Photography.

Photo courtesy Paige One Photography.

Over the next few days you’ll learn more about Paige and her CH cat Mister Wobbles. If you’d like to share your own story or CH cat tips, you can find out more here!

Sudden loss… 

In November of 2010, I lost my kitty Pierre to a tough, sudden battle with lymphoma – he was only 3-years-old. His brother and litter mate, Coconut, was lonely. Although we had other cats, Pierre had been with him since the day they were born, and no one expected that at age 3 he would go from a 100% healthy cat to the rainbow bridge over the course of just a couple months.

Around Christmas, I decided to take a box of items to the local animal rescue to donate. I had a lot of brand new cans of special, expensive food that Pierre had been on, and it’s the type of food that is often given to cats and kittens when they are sick and/or need extra nutrients. These were perfect for the rescue, and they were very thankful. I also brought toys for the kitties.

I walked around and visited the cats, and came across a little white kitten named Pigeon. He was wobbly and had a tilted head, but they weren’t sure why. I just about fell in love with him, but was in a tough position because there was no diagnoses for him, they weren’t sure what the expect, and I didn’t know if I was in a position for that responsibility after having just lost Pierre. Sadly, I left, as I just didn’t feel ready.

Photo courtesy Paige One Photography.

Photo courtesy Paige One Photography.

A couple days later (now about 2 months after Pierre passed), I took Coconut into the vet for his yearly visit. His yearly visit was overdue (which would normally never happen), but with Pierre’s many trips to our vet, who is almost an hour drive each way, and then his passing, I had a lot on my mind and delayed Coconut’s visit a few weeks. Normally the visit would have been in November, but instead it was now early January, right after the holidays. I believe the fact that we were there that day in early January was truly a blessing. Here’s why.

It was meant to be…

During the appointment, I was telling my vet about Pigeon, the kitty I fell for at the shelter. Knowing that I have experience with special needs animals in the past (I once had a paraplegic chinchilla), her eyes lit up and she told me about a special cat they had right there at the office, who she wanted me to meet.

She left the room, and came walking back in with “Wobbly Stu.” She set him down on the ground, and I immediately fell in love. I had to have him. She explained to me what CH is, since I had no idea and had never heard of it. I asked if this would cause any other long-term issues with his health. The difference with this wobbly cat, was that they knew the diagnosis, and he had of course been in the vet’s care, so there was no question as to what his needs were.

His foster mom, who coincidentally worked at the vet’s office as well, came into the room. She, too, knew I had experience with special needs animals, and she had been there though the loss of two of my cats, who I cared so deeply for. I immediately felt like my mind was made up, however, I had to talk to my boyfriend, who I lived with (luckily a cat lover).

The decision…

I mentioned Wobbly Stu to my boyfriend Matt, and he was hesitant at the idea. At the same time, I don’t think it surprised him, because he knows I’ve always had a soft spot for animals with special needs. He said he wanted me to do whatever made me happy, and would be supportive in whatever decision I made. That being said, I of course didn’t want him to be unhappy just for the sake of me being happy!

Photo courtesy Paige One Photography.

Photo courtesy Paige One Photography.

We got in the car and drove almost an hour to the vet, so that Matt could meet Wobbly Stu. It was love at first sight… Wobbly Stu immediately went over to Matt and started licking his face and purring. Matt looked at me and smiled, and I knew what our decision was going to be. His foster mom Kara was very happy that he was going to get such a loving home. With that being said, I know it must have been tough for her, because she bottle fed Wobbly Stu since he was a teeny tiny kitten – before he could walk, before anyone knew he had CH.

He and his litter had been rescued and brought to the animal hospital, where they were given medical care by the vet, and Kara fostered the litter. Both the vet and Kara were a blessing for him and his litter mates, and Kara was the best foster mom one could ever imagine. She took such great care of him and he was very special to her.

I assured Kara that he would be smothered with love, and I would keep her updated with pictures and videos. Since his adoption, he has seen Kara a few times – both when he’s at the vet for his yearly checkup, and also for a scheduled play visit. I share lots of photos with her and we keep in touch. I know that he remembers Kara, I can tell as soon as he sees her. He gets this look in his eyes and begins to purr.

I am forever thankful that Kara raised him and took care of him, and that she trusted me to be his mom. I am beyond grateful to my wonderful vet for considering me as his new mom, and for bringing him into the room to show me. They both believed in me and knew that I would give him a wonderful home, and I feel so incredibly blessed. I am also thankful to Matt, who saw exactly what I saw in Mister Wobbles, and knew that we just had to have him. Wobbly Stu (now known as Mister Wobbles) joined our family in January 2011.

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  1. Rich B permalink
    June 1, 2013 7:58 am

    Great story!

  2. June 5, 2013 12:25 pm

    Did you go back to get the kitty at the shelter? Sounds like he won’t get another home with the CH…

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