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Bored? Here’s A CH Cat Toy Suggestion From Mister Wobbles

June 15, 2013

Finding the perfect toy for your cerebellar hypoplasia cat can be difficult, especially if the cat’s mobility is somewhat limited.

While there are a number of toys out there that you can purchase, create for free, and make into new, improved toys, sometimes it’s nice to know what other CH cats like to play with.

1_MisterWobbles_rightSo here’s a suggestion from Paige, who’s the pet parent to Mister Wobbles. Since he has moderate to severe cerebellar hypoplasia, it was important for her to find him a toy that he could play with while laying down. The winning option? The Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy – with a twinkle ball, of course.

“We have this kitty track toy that Mister Wobbles absolutely loves – it’s by far his favorite toy,” Paige says. “He is able to do all of the playing while laying down, so it has worked out really well for him.”

“We also purchased a separate ball for it – one that flashes and lights up when it’s touched, and I think this makes for a huge ‘upgrade’ on the toy, as he loves the flashing light. We also ordered a catnip ball for it (but it’s a little too small, so sometimes he knocks it out of the track). We now have the track set on a plush rug, which is nice because it keeps it in place and it doesn’t slide around on the floor when Mister Wobbles plays.”

What a great idea, Paige! And I love how they placed the track toy on the rug, so they toy stays in place, and so Mister Wobbles can be more comfortable and have greater traction!

Have you found ways to modify a regular cat toy into one that meets your cat’s needs? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Rich B permalink
    February 15, 2015 7:40 am

    Great idea, good job being creative and resourceful!

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