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Meet Patchie

July 23, 2013


Don’t let this sweet, little face fool you – her pet parent, Rachel says she’s quite the ham! That said, in the year that Rachel has had Patchie, a good deal has happened. Here’s a quick look at how the past year has gone:

Rachel first met Patchie when she was only a few weeks old. At that point, Rachel said Patchie’s mom would carry her to the cat food that they left out on the porch; however, Patchie wasn’t able to eat food or drink from a dish. Rachel said Patchie would even struggle to stand, and she would fall over when she tried.

Consequently, they decided to bring Patchie inside when she was 5-weeks-old. To accommodate her needs, they put down small rugs around their home and took turns playing with her to build up her muscle and coordination.

As with most CH kittens, kittenhood isn’t without some problems. In the beginning  Rachel says she would fall a lot while using her litter box, so Rachel would hold her up then wipe her clean.

Thanks to the constant playtime, Patchie improved her walking and running skills. She also learned to drink from a water bowl. Rachel says Patchie can now even use the litter box with no problem!

While Rachel still holds her during feedings, but they’re working on that.

Rachel says they’ve had her for a year, and her severe CH is now much more moderate.

“Her personality is so sweet yet, she’s a firecracker!” Rachel says. “She makes the most adorable noises to get your attention.”

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  1. Vickie permalink
    July 24, 2013 10:06 am

    Patchie looks just like my Tiny, she is a CH cat. We brought her and her siblings inside when the mother cat was leading them out and away from the safety of the garage. Two of the four had CH, we have cleaned up Tiny several times from litter box accidents. Both of these two make sounds that I have never heard another cat make. We call them our special babies. They are 13 years old now.

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