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Inspiring Stories: Dotty, The Fly Catcher

August 18, 2013

Thanks to everyone who shared their inspiring story both on the blog and on Facebook. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share some of your stories. I hope you enjoy these and find them encouraging!

Dotty watching the birdsThis first one is from Catherine, pet parent to CH cat Dotty.

“I know Dotty’s not the only CH kitty who can do this, but I still find it amazing considering her disability. She can catch and kill flies!

The first time she did it, I was just astonished — *I* can’t kill a fly — they always jump away right when the fly swatter is heading for them. But she’s done it several times now.

She gets them when they get into the window where she is up on the back of the couch. I am very proud of her for being such a great hunter of a cat.”

Do you have an inspiring story about your CH cat? Please share it in the comments or contact me!

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