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Today’s ‘Take Your Cat To The Vet Day’: A Good Time To Schedule An Appointment

August 22, 2013

Pop quiz: When was the last time you took your cat to the vet for a regular checkup?

If you’re like a significant number of cat owners, it’s been a while.

A study was actually done on this back in 2009, and it found that more than one-third of those surveyed took their cat to the vet only if the cat was sick or injured. If that wasn’t bad enough, less than one-fifth actually had their cats regularly vaccinated against rabies and distemper.

Photo courtesy Priority Pet Hospital.

Unfortunately, we’re not doing our cats any favors by not taking them in for regular checkups. Just like with people, regular vet checkups can be crucial to our cats’ wellbeing, even if we appear healthy.

Regular checkups are so important, that in 2009, cat litter company Feline Pine started an educational campaign: National Take Your Vat to the Vet Day, which is celebrated today, August 22.

There are a number of great and serious reasons to take your cat in for an annual visit — in fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that cats go to the vet two times each year for a checkup — here are a few:

Regular visits to the vet fall under preventative care: Your cat may appear to be in good health, but it’s important for him to get checked out to make sure that’s the case.

In fact, regularly visiting your vet can help your vet detect early warning signs of health problems. This means that a health issue can be discovered and addressed before it becomes a major problem. Regular vet visits may save you a great deal of money and heartache in the future.

Plus, the more you visit your vet, the more your vet will get to know your cat and you. If your vet has regular notes on your cat’s weight, personality, and more, she can more easily determine what a problem may be.

Along those lines, the more you visit your vet, the more comfortable you’ll become with her. Building that trust and relationship can go a long way when trouble strikes.

Lastly, if for no other reason, you should take your cat to the vet annually for his rabies vaccination. In the U.S. it’s a law to have your cat vaccinated, and if she was somehow bitten by a rabid animal, she would likely be put down.

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  1. August 22, 2013 9:31 am

    Yes! Today I make an appointment for all 5 cats and 1 huge dog. Thank you for the reminder. I am wondering if the youngest of the cats is a CH cat. She seems a bit uncoordinated for a cat, but she’s only 4 months old.

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