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Working On Mobility With Your CH Cat? Consider A Harness

August 28, 2013

CH cat parents have found creative ways to help their less mobile cats exercise, which can help with strength and coordination — and may eventually lead to improved mobility. You may be familiar with the walkers or carts some have purchased and built for their CH cats.

Recently,  CH cat parent Tanya discovered another great option: a harness.

While the harness is actually a doggie shoulder bag (I won’t even comment on that), it provides the same support as a walker.

The idea behind it is simple: By holding up your cat, your cat can then focus more on actually moving around, strengthening his muscles, and working on motions that can help with coordination.

This isn’t something that you’d want to do 24/7, but a few minutes a day could help as a form of therapy for your cat.

Tanya said she purchased her harness at a local flower and pet shop; other folks on Facebook did a bit of hunting and found that these “doggie shoulder bags” are available multiple places online.

Have you tried using a walker or harness with your cat? What was your experience like? Please share in the comments!

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