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Is Your Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cat More Wobbly After Sleeping?

September 9, 2013

After Stephanie had observed that her 8-year-old cerebellar hypoplasia cat would be wobblier than usual after waking up from a nap or resting, she decided to touch base with the CH Cats and Kittens Facebook group to find out if other CH cat parents noticed similar behaviors in their cats.

Photo courtesy Ella Mullins.

“Our baby was sleeping/laying down for about four or five hours and when she got up, she fell over three times while going a distance of about two feet,” Stephanie shared. She added that once her CH cat gets moving for a bit, she’s back to “normal.”

While there could be a number of factors at play in a case like this (be sure to visit your vet often so he can watch for early signs of arthritis and other conditions), a number of other pet parents shared that their CH cats are often extra unsteady after a nap or rest, too.

Andrea perhaps put it the best by sharing her name for it — “sleepy legs” — saying that the same thing happens to her Hank. Once he’s up and around for a little bit, he’s fine, she said.

From my own experience, I’ve noticed a similar behavior, specifically with Ellie. I like to say that it takes her a while to get warmed up in the morning. Consequently, I try to help her out here and there so she doesn’t hurt herself.

For example, if I notice that she’s particularly wobbly, I’ll carry her down our stairs in the morning, rather than having her come down on her own. A number of mornings have involved a few slips, tumbles and falls on the way to her breakfast dish, which is no way to start a day.

(I’m all about providing her with opportunities so she can practice going up and down stairs, but I personally don’t feel comfortable doing that when I know she’s not at the top of her game.)

While some CH cats may just need a little time to get warmed up, you may be able to find some ways to make those moments a bit easier. For example, you may want to consider more area rugs throughout your home, or even try Dianne’s creative flooring solution.

Is your CH cat noticeably wobblier after waking up or getting up from a rest? Have you found ways to help your cat? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Renee permalink
    September 9, 2013 11:00 am

    We notice this in Kiki actually more at night when she is really tired. I find myself doing the same when I am exhausted 🙂 so we just gave her some love and time to rest

  2. Tiffany Maki permalink
    July 29, 2014 8:26 am

    From what I have noticed, all the CH kitties that have come through our doors that had more than a mild case, had this issue. It isn’t every time though.
    We currently have a CH puppy who does this. I also have to “burp” her (rub her belly) in between a few bites of food because she sucks in so much air from just scarfing the food down which puts a lot of air in her stomach. But when I get her out of the kennel, every time she is much more wobbly than she usually is.
    One of the CH cats here will usually “lose” his back end and it will fall under him.

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