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Inspiring Stories: CHers Master Heights

September 12, 2013

If you think special needs cats, like those with cerebellar hypoplasia, are sentenced to live their lives on the floor, you should think again. Here are stories of two CHers who proved to their cat parents that they were eager for a new perspective — one several feet from the ground!

Julianne: My little CH guy, Cricket, has severe CH. He’s a non-walker, and he finally got sick of spending his life on the floor!

Photo courtesy damselfly58.

I came home one day to find him nestled with my other kitties in my cat tree. He was only on the first level, but still what a surprise!

He was so secretive about how he got up there, and up until recently, I never saw him pull himself up. He’s a strong little guy and now rests happily on the mid-level.

It’s even more amazing watching him get down. He swings his behind off and uses his arms to lower himself down until he feels close enough to drop!

Pookie: The first time I walked into my kitchen and saw my CH kitty Cas on top of the fridge I almost passed out!

Today his little adopted special needs sister made it up the back of the couch for the first time. It’s her new favorite spot.

Cas can now also scale the ferret cage to nap in the kitty bed on top or hang out on the shelf behind it. They never cease to amaze me.

Do you have an inspiring story about your CH cat? Please share it in the comments or contact me!

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