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Do Dogs & Cerebellar Cats Get Along? Pet Parents Respond

September 30, 2013

It’s a natural question, and one I was surprised to have not heard asked before: Do dogs and cerebellar hypoplasia cats get along?

Lauren presented that very question to the Facebook Cats and Kittens group, and a number of folks responded.

Photo courtesy Sephiroty Fiesta.

“I’m curious to know, how many of you with CH kitties also have dogs? Is it ever an issue or do they get along pretty well? I was told that some dogs might see the wobbliness as a sign of weakness and might attack the kitty, but I haven’t been able to find anything that even mentions such a thing,” she asked.

More than thirty folks responded, and here’s the cool part: Nearly everyone who had a dog and a CH cat said they got along great! That said, of the thirty, one person did have a bad experience (their dog attacked their cat), and a few others offered some advice.

For example, perhaps Stephanie put it best: “The main thing with CH kitties and dogs is that the kitty won’t be able to run away or defend itself as well. Making sure the kitty is safe around the dog and the dog is good with the kitty is ESSENTIAL, of course.”

I was so pleased to see that so many folks shared their experiences, and I wanted to share some of those experiences with you.

Big Dogs, Bigger Hearts

Keri: Our dog (he’s a large dog, about 90 lbs.) and our CH kitty are the best of friends.

Deena: My CH has passed, but we have a large (105 lbs.) German Shepherd who was very gentle with her. He’d “steer” her toward food with his paws, waited till she ate before eating, and was just generally very understanding. No idea what he thought about her, but he was so careful with her.

Allie: I have a Bullmastiff, she is 120 lbs. When I brought my CH kitty Jay home, I had to integrate him into the home with two other cats. He was very upset being confined, and my big dog Millie comforted him by putting her head near his cage and laying near him. She protects him and loves him. I think it all depends on the dog, but I feel mine sees Jay as special, and gives him extra lovin’.

Photo courtesy b1ue5ky.

Toni: I have four large breed dogs, and have had two CH cats: one moderate, and one severe. When my moderate one was a baby the dogs knew he was special, and my 150 lb. lab would carry him around, clean him, and basically take care of him. Now that I have an adult, the dogs seem to want to snuggle her, but she’s not been here long enough to be comfortable with the idea yet. All of my animals seem to understand that they’re different and need more patience. Even my big tom cats who don’t like anyone are good with them.

Stephanie: We have a 55 lb. boxer, and they are perfectly fine with each other. They even play with each other. My CH kitty will “hide” under dining room table, and the dog will run around the table. She will try to reach out and smack him as he goes by. They also will lay right next to each other. Then again, he is not aggressive with anyone. Might just depend on the personality of the dog.

 A Slight Adjustment Period

Tammy: We have several CH cats. They do great with our dogs. The dogs were a bit surprised by their movements, but after a short time, they figured it out and now it is no problem at all!

Emily: Never an issue, but then I have a very cat-friendly dog. I was concerned about Lyra banging into her, but Amy either (a) looks at me with a world-weary expression, like “Can you believe this?” or (b) follows the other cats’ leads and gets out of Lyra’s way. Sometimes they snuggle–I don’t think on purpose; I think Lyra just happens to land by the dog and figures she might as well stay. The dog is a Labrador “Recliner.”

Tough Cats, Gentle Dogs

Susan: My CH cat never took any bunk off our dog. She just walked right up to her and leaned all over the dog. They have no issues at all. The dog used to try to carry her around but now she is bigger.

Photo courtesy b1ue5ky.

Deanna: I have seven CH babies and four dogs (two Chihuahuas and two shepherd mixes) they all do fine together. Occasionally the cats (CH and normal) will put the dogs in their place and let them know who is boss, for the most part all get along fine. The CH kids are often cuddled up with a dog or two at times.

Raeanne: My two CH kitties rule the dogs… No problems here unless a dog gets out of line the CH kitty fixes all.

Best Buddies Forever

Tanya: My dogs love CH Pumpkin. They go up to her, lick her and they all lay together.

Rene: I have several dogs, but my Cavalier and CH kitty are bonded at the hip. My dog Bird often walks right next to my CH kitty to stabilizer her. She even protects her from my other cats if they get too rough.

Helen: My dog is a little protective of my CH kitty, especially when I take him outside. The dog follows him around. Never had any problems with the dog.

What have your experiences been like? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Jan permalink
    September 30, 2013 11:08 am

    I have a Springer Spaniel who was brought up with cats. My CH girls came when my dog was about two. My dog, Beau, will sometimes chase one of the “normal” cats, but in four years, has never chased one of the CH girls. He treats them with a lot of respect and even let’s one of the girls sleep on him! The other CH girl hasn’t wanted to sleep on him.

  2. October 1, 2013 11:26 am

    Spaz and my German Shepherd Tawny are best of friends, they sleep together, they groom each other and they even play in the back yard together. Tawny seems to know that Spaz is special and is gentle in their play. It is amazing what animals are able to sense and respond to, it is obvious in their actions and how Tawny responds to Spaz.

    I love to watch them together it is obvious that they are friends and not just friends, good friends. They truly love each other. Tawny looks for Spaz when she comes in the house and licks him all over when she finds him. It is wonderful to watch, it warms my heart.

    When you think of it Spaz is more like a dog in his physical mobility, he even wags his tail like a dog. Because of his condition he does not move like a normal cat he has many more limitations, he cant jump on the counter, neither does the dog, Spaz doesn’t scale the TV stand or book case he cant, neither does the dog. Put in reference to a dogs movements they are more similar and equal. This makes Tawny and Spaz on the same level other than species.

    I know you all think that I have lost it when I said that Spaz goes into the back yard, I understand the concern. Spaz cant climb the fence, he is, there for, contained in the back yard with the dog, as if he were a dog. I don’t leave him outside if I am not home or with him but he does enjoy rolling in the grass and taking naps with his friend Tawny.

    My other cats are not allowed outside for any reason. I do not raise road kill or Coyote bate. I love my animals far too much to put them in unnecessary danger. I am a responsible pet owner that could not live with the thought of losing one of my pets from stupidity. .You wouldn’t tell your kids to go and play on the freeway or a dangerous busy street, why would you allow an animal that you love too!

    Patty Martin .

  3. May 12, 2015 8:01 am

    Such cute photos! I had a dog and cat living together for 14 years. They were both strays, but in my case the cat used to tease the dog every now and then by hiding on a chair and having a go at him when he walked by, but it was all playful. I’m happy to have had those two together because I go to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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