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Table/Bed Designed for Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cat

October 26, 2013

Check out what this CH cat parent had created for her CH cat CJ.

On Facebook, Maria said she worked with custom furniture maker 9 Cat Corner to have a special table/bed created for her mild to moderate CHer. What’s so cool about this bed is that it was truly designed with Maria’s mild to moderate CJ in mind. Here’s how 9 Cat Corner described the table bed:

9 Cat Corner CJ's Table Bed“This table/bed was designed for a kitty with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (sort of like Cerebral Palsy in humans). Her human mommy asked if I could design something with a table height of 26″ (even with the window sill in her home) and an easy to climb ramp so that her kitty could enjoy spending time looking out of her living room window which is one of her favorite things to do. There was also concern that she might fall asleep and eventually roll off of the table top so I designed a 3″ lip around the top. For easier climbing and safety I added carpet to the ramp.”

Once it was completed, 9 Cat Corner named the creation CJ, after Maria’s CHer.

And how does CJ love it? Maria says she loves it:

“After a brief training session with her treats and toys, she learned how to climb the ramp and she enjoys laying and looking out the window, watching everything that is going on. CJ’s CH goes from mild to moderate, and there are times when she has to craw along to get around. During these times, she does not attempt to climb anywhere. (Breaks my heart.) When she is able to move around more freely, she right up on her table enjoying life! I’m so glad I found 9 Cats Corner!”

9 Cat Corner creates custom-built products that are made in the USA. To learn more, visit their Facebook page.

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  1. October 27, 2013 6:02 am

    Nice looking and very functional. I like how they designed the ramp within the piece of furniture so it doesn’t stick out.

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