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The Value Of A Great Pet Sitter

November 4, 2013

Two weeks.

Depending on your perspective, two weeks may sound like no time at all — for example, if you get two weeks of vacation at work, that may not sound like much. But recently in our lives, and specifically in our grays’ lives, two weeks could have seemed like an eternity.

EllieYou see, that’s the amount of time that Matt and I were out of town. We flew over to Asia for my brother’s wedding and for some additional adventures, and as amazing as it was, it’s impossible to go on a trip like that without our grays being a big part of it. By that I mean deciding ahead of time: Will they be able to handle it? Will *I* be able to handle it? Who can we get to watch them for that amount of time? What happens if something happens and we can’t get back for several days? The thoughts and concerns — at least on my end were boundless. So much so that I joke with Matt that I don’t really want to travel until our grays have passed on — and I’m certainly not hoping that’s any time soon!

But at the end of the day, we still packed our bags and endured a 15-hour flight, knowing that our cats were safe at home with one of the best cat sitters I’ve ever met, “OG.”

OG works at my favorite shelter and has become a dear friend over the years. Her first stint as our pet sitter was more than two years ago when Matt and I went out of town… to get married. (I know, I know, CG should have come too!) Since then, OG has been our go-to sitter, and for good reason.

Quite simply, she’s absolutely fabulous.

It’s not only that she respects us, the job, and our home. It’s not only that she gets cats — she understands them and can pick up on their wants and needs. It’s not only that our cats love her and were snugglebugs with her.

CGIt’s this magical combination of when all of these factors come together so perfectly. Add on top of that her willingness to cat sit for FOURTEEN DAYS STRAIGHT and go above and beyond by offering to spend the night several times — which I appreciated beyond belief.

And the best part? Two weeks *could* have seemed like an eternity, but thanks to OG and her commitment to our cats, I truly believe that the time flew by for them. I’m not saying it was easy in any way, but I really believe that OG did a tremendous job during a tough assignment. Our cats were clearly excited to see that we were home, but it was different this time. I felt like they were glad we were back because we’re family, and they love us, but not because they were sad, lonely or depressed while we were gone. It was amazing.

Plus, it’s such an incredible feeling to know that you can truly trust someone with nearly all that you hold dear. You can’t put a price on that. It’s invaluable.

So thank you so much, OG. We were blessed to be able to go on our trip, but I believe even more blessed to have you taking care of our cats and home. Our cats used to get upset when we pulled out our suitcases; thanks to you, they may actually start to look forward to that so long as they get to hang out with you!

Oh, PS — the photos are some of the glamour shots OG sent us along with updates every few days.

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  1. November 5, 2013 7:09 am

    Sad to say, I just cancelled our vacation because I just couldn’t leave Spikey. And we also have a great pet sitter, and she was going to be coming over three times a day, but I still couldn’t do it. We discussed taking him with us, but I don’t think he would have been happy about that, and it would have been selfish on my part. THAT being said, I AM a pet sitter, and have been for 20 years and I know how much my clients appreciate me, it’s a wonderful feeling I’m sure OG felt when you told her how happy you were when you got home! So, we are having a ‘stay-cation’, and I for one will be just as happy being home with my kitties relaxing : )

    • November 14, 2013 7:08 am

      Thanks for sharing, Lizzie! I’m sorry to hear that you had to cancel your vacation, but I’m glad you’re making it work. You’re right – some CH kitties are extra special, and do require a certain level of care. I’m glad you take that seriously and take it into consideration! I hope you have/had a tremendous staycation!

  2. Roz permalink
    November 7, 2013 4:20 pm

    Thanks Amanda for the post. I, too, have felt exactly the same way about leaving our two girls (only one is CH, but the other is elderly, arthritic and a bit grumpy!) and have felt like cancelling a trip rather than leave them behind. But in the end I found that a couple of long phone chats, a pre-trip visit, and then a kitty “meet and greet” with our local Kennel/Cattery owner worked wonders, as once she met our little CH girl the owner was more than happy to take on her care and was happy that no additional or special treatment was required to have her in their facility. And although the surroundings were busier than Stitch is used to she came through the experience perfectly fine and I think that overall it was good for her too.

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