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Internet Sensation Cats Lead The Way For All Special Needs Cats

January 16, 2014

The world’s a funny place.

For some reason in the real world there seems to be a general disdain for cats. As far as I’m concerned, cats are the misunderstood underdogs of pets, and just being the caretaker for two — let alone the author of a cat blog — has resulted in a number of comments like “Oh, so you’re a cat person?”

While cats tend to get the short stick in real life, there’s one place where they’re adored — the Internet. In fact, the Internet LOVES cats.

Lil Bub

True, this is nothing new, but within the past couple of months the world has embraced, dare I say, a “new” type of cat: those with special needs.

Perhaps one of the most famous is Lil Bub, a gorgeous little girl who was “born with a multitude of genetic anomalies which all add up to one of nature’s happiest accidents,” according to her Web site. In addition to being a “perma-kitten” who has an extreme case of dwarfism, Lil Bub has short legs and a long body. Her lower jaw is shorter than her upper jaw, and her teeth never grew in which is why her tongue always hangs out. On top of that, Lil Bub’s a polydactyl. (Don’t worry about her, her “dude” says she’s happy and healthy!)

While some of these conditions are certainly precious and in some cases sought after (like polydactyl feet), others really do present some very real challenges that she has to live with on a daily basis. For one, she has some difficulty moving around. So much so, that her “dude” posted a video to her YouTube channel “BUB CLIMBS 15 STAIRS LIKE A CHAMP.” It was a big deal for her and her “dude” since about a year ago she was barely able to move because of her deformities and osteoporosis. And now “thanks to a lot of work and encouragement, special treatments, and BUB’s unflinching determination, BUB is not only able to stand upright and walk normally again, but she has been running and jumping for the first time since she was a kitten.”

I think we can all understand how they feel!

And here’s the cherry on top: Lil Bub, who was rescued as a kitten, is an advocate for homeless and special needs pets. She has raised more than $60,000 for various charities. She’s using her power for good.

Other cats have popped up, too.

Sir Stuffington also has a considerable following on Facebook, which is especially impressive since he was only adopted last September. When he was found as a stray he had a number of health problems including a heart murmur, a missing eye and more. And yet today more than 50,000 people have liked his page on Facebook.

Even little Chase No Face has quite the following. (Warning: Some may think his pictures are disturbing.)

The point is as the Internet loves cats, clever cat parents around the world are finding ways to share their stories of their special needs cats — and the world is embracing them no matter what their condition. I’m hoping that one day the enthusiasm and appreciation people have for cats — let alone those with special needs — become as acceptable offline as online. Thanks to these three little cats and many, many more, I believe we’re working in that direction.

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  1. Brian permalink
    January 16, 2014 11:33 pm

    Warms the heart to see such good and caring people out there, when the world is dark and cold its stories like these that give me hope for the human race.

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