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Consider Helping CH Cats via This Fundraising Opportunity

August 8, 2014

Hi all –

I wanted to share with you a fundraising opportunity my good friend Deb sent my way. As you may know, every so often, there’s a CH kitty who’s in need. Deb, with her infinite compassion, is always willing to help, but sometimes she needs our help, too.

Today, I’m sharing about CH cat Bailey, who’s very ill. Recent tests showed that Bailey has feline leukemia, and his pet parents could use some help with the bills. While the fundraiser below typically goes to helping the CH kitties listed farther down this page, Deb has kindly offered to help provide some assistance to Bailey’s family for the time being.

If you’re interested in helping, or just want a cool CH cat shirt, click here! There’s no pressure, I just wanted to share this opportunity with you to help get the word out. Thanks!

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  1. Diane permalink
    October 6, 2018 9:24 pm

    I have a 1 year old male cat with CH. I need help or I have to surrender him. He will not use the litter box. I have tried making him a special litter box for him, he goes in it occasionally but the majority of the time it’s where ever he feels like it. We love him and don’t want to get rid of him but don’t know what to do.

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