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Tell Us About Your CH Cat!

You know it — your CH cat is pretty darn special. So it’s time to tell all of us about him or her! If you’re game:

  • Please feel free to send me stories, photos and videos about your CH kitty. Specific topics can be found below.
  • You can include information in a post’s comment, or you can email me at: amanda.maurer (at)
  • If you have more than one CH cat, feel free to send in separate responses for each.
  • Please send at least one photo with each submission, if possible. Obviously, feel free to send more, too!
Your cat will be featured on the site, and you’ll also be able to find your kitty via the Reader’s Cats page.


This topic is simple enough – please share the story behind your CH cat’s adoption. How did you find out about your CH cat? Did you know anything about cerebellar hypoplasia prior to adopting? What were early struggles you overcame? Have any heartwarming tales?


Please answer the following questions, and feel free to add more at the end!

What is your cat’s (or dog’s) name?

Male or female?


How severe is his/her CH? (You can use this guide to help.)

Does he/she have certain limitations?

How does he/she manage the litter box? Eating and drinking? Do you do anything special to help?

What’s one funny story about him/her (related to CH)? Or share a story about how he/she figured out how to do something CH cats “can’t” do.

Has he/she ever hurt herself because of his/her CH?

Each animal is special in his/her own way. How is he/she special?

Have you found ways to help him/her with CH? How?

Do you have any words of wisdom for other CH parents?

What do you think people need to know about CH?

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about his/her having CH?

Anything else you’d like to add?

Is he/she on any social networking sites like Facebook or Catster? Please add a link to your cat’s profile.

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  1. June 28, 2012 8:23 pm

    Edit: Starr Blue’s profile can now be found here:

  2. AuntThelma permalink
    March 5, 2013 10:23 am

    Do you find that your CH cat is easily frightened? We adopted twin females at 9 months. One with CH – she can walk, pounce and use the box, but falls and can’t seem to jump. Her sister has either very mild or no CH. The CH twin is always very terrified. The normal twin is curious and not afraid of anything.

    Perhaps it is simply personality and not related to the CH, but I thought I’d ask. I sort of assume that with a handicap like CH, maybe you feel more vulnerable to predators, and so become naturally more cautious. ??

    • March 5, 2013 10:26 am

      These posts may help shed some light on the question!
      Are CH Cats More Nervous Than “Normies”?
      How You Can Encourage Your CH Cat
      Does Your CH Cat Love Being Close to You? (Poll)
      Good luck!

    • Beth permalink
      November 22, 2013 1:19 pm

      Had to come back and update. Our frightened cat is now the most loving, friendly, happy kitty ever. I don’t know what the turning point was, but she decided to trust and relax. Both cats are friendly, but the one who was initially so very scared, loves to be held, comes when she’s called, doesn’t run from noises. Just an easy going cat. AND, we’ve decided she never had CH. Since she came to live with us, her tremors have stopped. She never crawls like she did in the shelter. She still has trouble walking and cannot jump. But she runs, and climbs. We think she has a problem with her back hips, whether concential or an injury, we don’t know. We think she was abused in the original home and terrified in the shelter causing her to exhibit tremors and the crawling.

      She, her sister, and we are very happy to be together.

  3. Libby permalink
    March 6, 2013 10:39 am

    My female CH cat does not seem afraid of things, but she is very jumpy. I need to hold her tightly when administering flea & tick repellent, because as soon as she feels it on her skin she tries to leap out of my arms. She also seems more emotionally labile than her brother, with a low threshold for both hissing and purring. We call her “the drama queen.”

  4. April 22, 2013 4:27 pm

    I am so glad I found this! I’ve had Buhaki since he was just a toddler, he was bottle raised with his CH sister Pearl by my own sister (who was a vet tech) after their Mother died shortly after childbirth from distemper. Bu has a fairly mild case, can walk decently enough, running gets a little silly. He can get onto low furniture…was harder for him when he was a baby so I took my bed apart and slept on just the mattress and box springs so he could get up there. He has a community page w/ images here on Facebook.

  5. June 15, 2013 2:10 pm

    I’m about to adopt a CH kitten as soon as he is weaned from his mother. My friend and I foster kittens for our local animal shelter, which is basicly our vets office. She has a cat that was pregnant, and her background is unknown. One of the kittens was born with no tail at all, and diplays signs of CH. I fell in love with him the day he was born. He is now about 6 weeks, and I have watched him grow as much as possible. The other day he stood up on his own for a good 40 seconds. He’s kitten plump, he’s happy, he’s playfull, and very loving. I can’t wait to bring him home. This will be my first special kitty, and I hope my husband will come to understand that even though he will need help, he will be a wonderful addition to the family. We have named him Nicholai, he, is tailless, he is black, and we believe (though uncomfirmed yet) he has CH. He is the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen.

  6. Rachael permalink
    June 18, 2013 4:30 pm

    We got “Patchie” at 5 weeks old. Her mom would carry her to the cat food we left out on the porch, but Patchie was unable to eat food or drink from a dish. She struggled to even stand and would fall over when she tried. So we brought Patchie inside. We put small rugs down in different places and took turns playing with her. In the begining, she fell a lot while using her litter box so I would hold her up then wipe her clean. Her personality is so sweet yet shes a firecracker! She makes the most adorable noises to get your attention. It was through constant play, that she learned walking and running skills and to drink water from a bowl. She now uses the litter box with NO problems at all! I still hold her for feedings but I’m working on that. Thank you for your site and the people who share their ideas. This has given us wisdom. Patchie is now one years old, and has moderate CH, no longer servere and what a HAM she is!

  7. Ghada permalink
    July 5, 2013 8:59 am

    Hi everyone, and thank you Amanda for all the great information on your website. I just had some questions for you and everyone else. I am a mother to a cat with sever CH who is 7 months old named Pepa. Unfortunately she cannot walk or stand up and cannot control her bladder and had peed all over my basement carpet. I have done a thorough professional cleaning and now I am trying to prevent Pepa from soiling the carpet again in order to control the urine smell. I used to use pee pads on the carpet but she would still have accidents around the basement. I have started using diapers on her and she obviously hates it. The worst part is they always leak. I have to use reusable diapers because since she flip flops around the disposable diapers would eventually slide off. Luckily the reusable diapers have a strong velcro hold. She has also been managing to get that off as well. Any suggestions on the leaking problem or any suggestions in general? I would just like as many suggestions or opinions as possible because I feel a little stuck over here! Thanks


    • July 6, 2013 9:22 am

      Hi Ghada,
      I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been having! It can be very frustrating, and I commend you for your patience so far. As for the leak problem, I don’t have any specific suggestions right off the bat, but I’d be glad to post about this issue to see if any other readers have suggestions. My only thought is perhaps the diapers are a bit too big. Perhaps check this chart to see if the size of diaper you’re using matches?
      I’ll post about this soon, and hopefully we’ll get some answers!

    • karen permalink
      March 15, 2014 9:36 pm

      there is a lady in america who custom makes diapers for cats to resolve this issue. Its called “fancypants”. She custom sews all in ones or diaper covers to stop leakage. i think she has a website and is on fb. She lives in america.

  8. Stephanie permalink
    July 9, 2013 12:23 am

    My kitten was named Waffles( i will explain why I said ‘was’ later) . He is about 3 months old and has ringworm so I am not sure about his limitations because he can only walk around my bathroom ( i have other cats ) I think he has a mild case of CH from what I have seen. He walks pretty well even though most of the time he runs around. The most severe thing about him is his bobble-head.
    He manages the litter box well from what I have seen and he eats wet food and dry food well, although if he has chunky wet food he gets it all over the floor and on top of his head.
    I really dont have to assist him in eating or the litter box but I do place a wee-wee pad underneath his food dish.
    I havent seen him drink anything and its hard to tell because he jumps in it.
    Since I have only had him for 3 days and hes in a big cage or running around my bathroom the only thing that hes done thats scared me is when he ran head first into my bathtub.
    My favorite thing about having him around is how affectionate he is and it makes me smile when he tries to grab a toy and finally gets it. I cant say that I have a least favorite thing but there are times where it seems that he’s terrified and runs like crazy and won’t let me pick him up but when I do he calms down. And then there’s the fact that he bites very hard. I am not sure if that’s part of his CH or because he needs socialization.
    The reason I had said his name ‘was’ Waffles is because he was owned by someone who decided to give him up. I work as a vet tech and a client decided she could not keep him and since he has ringworm a shelter would of euthanized him and I couldn’t let that happen.
    I am going to keep him until the ringworm is completely gone and he gets some socialization from my cats ( my kitten loves him and I do let them play a little together I just give her a bath afterwards) , then I will find him a home where I know he will be loved and taken care of. I would keep him but I already have 5 cats and I think 6 is too much for me.

    • Stephanie Tittl permalink
      August 27, 2013 4:28 pm

      I just wanted to update this message and say i found out that my little love bug is deaf so I decided to keep him. After spending time with him out of his carrier i realized how amazing he is and couldnt imagine him going anywhere. Him and my kitten c.c are best buds and i was also afraid of giving him away now that i know he is also deaf, which is something i am also trying to get use to. I still havent given him an actual name so for now hes love bug or mr. Wobbles.

  9. Lynn Lawrence permalink
    July 16, 2013 8:11 am

    I need all of the hlep that I can get. I have a cat with very mild CH we absolutely love Pip. We have since gotten one from a shelter in New York that has more severe CH. The cat was taken to a high kill shelter and was on the euth list. We are in Georgia. I asked to hae him rescued. He is 5 years. He went to foster after being pulled. He then came down to Georgia via the kitty railroad. We have him chilling in a quite bathroom. I have been going in off and on to talk to him. I think he is having a problem urinating in the litter box. He has head tremors and I think the paperwork says that he has a deformity in one of his rear legs. He is very nervous ( I would be to if I had gone thru what he has). I need help getting hime to calm. He may have been abused. I am about to wonder if I have made a very big mistake taking this on. A kitten is one thing but a 5 year old is another. Any tips would help. Thanks

  10. stephanie permalink
    July 16, 2013 6:59 pm

    Hi Lynn,
    have you tried felaway? I have used it on my non CH kitties and it works really well. There’s the adapter (which people say is ok in small areas) . At the animal hospital where I work we use the spray on cages to calm animals down . I would start there and also time of course is a factor. My little CH kitty use to have moments where he freaked out and wouldn’t let me touch him but he’s getting better.

  11. September 7, 2013 5:58 pm

    The adoption story of ABLE.
    I lost my typical cat to cancer 3 years ago just before Halloween. It hurt like he’ll as he really was my heart cat. So much personality. I remember telling him, a few weeks before I helped him on his journey, that I was sad. I had tried not to let my sad ever take me away from a moment of his last HAPPY months. He (Wilbur Bud) happily jumped on my lap talking and gravitating. I broke down. “Whose going to keep my lap warm when you leave me. I don’t think I will ever find a cat who loves to cuddle and talk like you!” Spiritually I think that when Able was made and meant to be mine.

    Wilbur did pass, he only had one day. And we grieved, his littermate Timbur and his buddy Sadie my terrier. I still worked OR at a vet clinic so I told the girls that when a cat really needed me, one who maybe was older or harder to adopt out,to tell me and I would know if it was right. About 3 weeks later I got a call at my full time job. “YOU CAN SAY NO…” Erica said. I assumed she wanted to swap Saturdays so I pulled out my calendar. She nervously laughed and told me about a tiny grey kitten with grey eyes and white paws who needed some special care. He was CH and they had one other patient like that but not as severe. It would be understood if I couldn’t take the kitten as he was so severe he would probably be put down. THEN another tech there tested me a photo. I said I would think about it for a day. I did research. Loomed at his paws ant the little white part and squiggle on his nose… it was kind of like Wilbur. I was warned he may have seizures or never walk and may die within 6 months of anything….. Something told me he should enter my critter family and the name Able came to me even before I met him. Though he died young God did favor Abel in the bible, so I spelled it Able as kind of a little mantra to. He was at most 5 weeks.

    • September 7, 2013 6:11 pm

      Yikes… gravitating should be headbutting and Wilbur only had one bad day…. He did have more than one day. OrR should be PT. Loomed is looked…. and I hate autocorrect.

  12. September 7, 2013 6:07 pm

    Able is now just a shy of 3 years old. He loves to play in his own way. HE is the world’s best lap cat, and likes to have conversations all the time. He loves his big kennel where he stays when I work and even races me to the kennel when I am getting ready to leave in the morning. He will try and likes most any food just like Wilbur. He also races me stumbling and pulling his way to his big bed next to my bed every night. His best friend is Miss Sadie and Timbur has learned to at gently with him. Timbur usually hangs his long tail from the couch or a chair and Abe tries to catch it. If Abe gets scared or annoyed like when he gets a nail trim everyone comes running to protect him. He also has a fondness toward big Pitties as he sometimes help me when I petsit for friends. He is a wonderful companion and a constant inspiration! Though he is not exactly like Wilbur in personality or looks, I can’t help but think that he was picked out foe me and that Wilbur whispers to him often.

  13. Ashley permalink
    September 9, 2013 11:17 pm

    Hi… My kitten was diagnosed at the vet this past Saturday as having neurological impairment. He just told me she is “special”, but did not give a name to her “disorder”. He just told me that her odd behaviors were caused by neuro impairment. I had brought her in due to concerns about her eyesight. For awhile I thought she was blind, but then we figured out she can see somewhat. He told me she can see and then told me the stuff I told you above. I guess what I am wondering is if my kitty is a CH kitty. I have been looking over your site at some of the stories and Bug does do a lot of the same things, however I feel like she walks fine at home (although at the vet she does walk fact when I first got her she got ill and I took her to the Emergency vet and he thought she had hurt her leg). Here are some of her behaviors that the vet says are due to her neuro problem: Eating- she is a VERY messy eater. She handles wet food well, but with dry food she appears to be licking at it rather than eating it normally. She lays down to eat it, puts her feet in the bowl, steps in the bowls (we have 4 on a mat since I have other cats) and food gets scattered everywhere lol. Also her feet tend to slide all over the place. When cleaning herself she will often miss her paw or her paw will miss her face. She is clumsy and prefers to be on the floor. She will get on the bed and once in awhile the couch but she climbs, I have never seen her jump up only down. She does this thing I call “Dancing” where she sits up and paws at the air at nothing or paws around her face until she falls over. It’s ADORABLE! She does not keep up with toys well and will usually only go after noisy ones. She will search for them but can’t seem to find them. The way she plays is a big reason why I felt she was blind. Anyway she is almost 4 months old and we call her Bug. I found her at 5-6 wks abandoned at my job. Any thoughts or advice would be great. I’m just thinking she could be mild CH but not sure :/ Thanks for the help 🙂

    • September 10, 2013 7:08 pm

      Hi Ashley,
      Thanks for commenting! I’d suggest getting a second opinion to see if you can find out any more about the condition. There are a number of conditions like CH, so it’s good to know what’s what. In the meantime, there are a number of recommendations and suggestions on this blog, so you may want to take a look at some posts to find out how you can help her. Good luck!

  14. Brandon Kautzman permalink
    November 4, 2013 2:03 pm

    Hi all! I’m posting here to see if anybody can help us understand what may be going on with our CH kitty.

    His name is Bernard and is about 6-8 months old. We got him a little over a month ago and he was quickly improving in his walking when suddenly he started to have some problems. He started having trouble using the litter box and now urinates in small amounts fairly often wherever he is. He now has more trouble than ever using his back end and has lost a lot of his spunk. We took him to the vet and they said that he may have another neurological condition as well as CH but were unable to determine if that is true or what is exactly wrong. He is now taking a steriod and an anti-biotic that is meant to transverse the blood brain barrier and this is meant to determine what his condition is. If he starts to improve the vet said they will know that one of the medications is working and will know what is wrong. So far he hasn’t shown much improvement but we’re still hopeful.

    I am wondering if anybody here has had any similar experiences and if someone knows what may be wrong with him. He is also being treated for worms right now and another person said that he may have had a seizure. Any information would be helpful.

    Thank you,


    • November 14, 2013 7:09 am

      Hi Brandon,
      I’m sorry to hear about your CH cat! How is he doing? Have you seen any improvement?

  15. Jeri Dietz permalink
    November 7, 2013 10:08 am

    After fostering and bottle feeding litters of kittens for over 12 years we came across our first CH kitten. Zoe had 3 litter mates who were also bottle fed but showed no symptoms. I always suspected she had a funny walk but one of our intake volunteers took a look at her and thought she was fine. At 10 weeks like a good foster mom even though she had a special place in my heart, she went up for adoption at one of our satellite centers. I got a call later asking me if I would take her back for observation. They though someone had shut a kennel door on her or that she had fallen but I knew what they were seeing was there all along it was just more evident now that she was older and expected to be more coordinated. Her gait is a bit like pedaling a bicycle from her hind legs. It is really forward reaching and her hind end wobbles and wags as a result. She has great “turn out” if she were a ballerina as her front legs bow in and her back bow out. I was thinking possible hip dysplaysia. When transitioning to formula from a dish she never seemed to get the hang of it as well as her siblings. She would repeatedly dip her head up and down lap a couple times….sneeze and then lap a couple times more. She did the same with wet and dry food as well. She would run and flop and fall off things. Watching her navigate stairs is heart breaking and hilarious at the same time. She seems in no pain when palpitated. She just keeps trying and eventually makes it up. She has many other cats to keep up with and plays just as hard as the rest of them. She seems to also have trouble with her vision but that may just be a side effect from her uncoordinated situation that makes it appear that way. She can catch a feather toy and chases the dogs tail. Her personality is loving and sweet and many times when she is struggling she is purring at the same time so we can just figure she is happy as she is. When I got the call to take her back for observation I knew it would not just be for awhile…I was truly happy about it as it seems meant to be as I had been missing that crazy calico ever since she left our home! She is now our CH ambassador and we are thinking it might be nice for her to visit kids with similar challenges such as cerebral palsy. (as long as they are not allergic!) Adopting a special needs kitten is not to be taken lightly. We have a couple of special needs kids so the fit was just right. We will take the challenges with the joy as we always have.

    • November 14, 2013 7:00 am

      Jeri, what a lovely story! Thank you for sharing. If you’d like your “crazy calico” to be profiled on the site, please let me know. You can find out more here:

    • Judi Peterson permalink
      July 17, 2017 7:05 pm

      An update on Zoe from Jeri’s neighbor Judi: I brought Zoe into my home last month (June 2017) and she is doing great and brings me so much happiness. Jeri unselfishly gave her up so Zoe could live in a one-cat home. Zoe still has a wide stance of her hind legs and an occasional head bob, but she leaps and runs and flips Q-Tips around the house. She has the run of the house and seems to be getting stronger all the time. I’d say we’re going to have a happy life together (if I can keep up with her).

  16. Amanda permalink
    December 21, 2013 11:23 am

    Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone can offer some help and advice.. My CH cat (13 weeks old) is mild-moderate (more on the moderate side of the scale) and we are having major litter box issues. Up until 2 weeks ago she seemed to be fine going to the bathroom and not falling into it. However these last couple weeks she continues to be fine on getting into the litter box and doing her business, however when she tries to cover it that’s when she tends to lose her balance and falls into it. It appears she’s trying to turn around to make sure it’s covered and that’s when she tends to fall. Does anyone have any suggestion for me? I find myself getting so upset and feel so bad for her. Please help me.

  17. Renee permalink
    January 18, 2014 7:06 pm

    A while back we went to choose a kitten from our local paper. The ad said the kitten was odd and if didnt find a home would be put down. We brought home this little orange tabby. He is bit quirky..walks odd has head tremors. We werent sure what was wrong but he was now family. Hecant jump up on couch or bed but has found his own way by climbing. I try to leave his nails for as long as I can so he can get up on his own. We recently ti him to our local humane society to be neutered and were given the name of what was wrong with was instantly recognised by them..he has CH..Cooper is adapting well and is the most lovable little guy I have ever had

  18. Rhiannon Moore permalink
    May 13, 2014 2:45 am

    A little over a year ago I found a kitten outside in the cold. When our eyes met he looked terrified and I just had to rescue him. After he started to warm up to me I noticed something wasn’t right. He was walking funny. So I looked up the symptoms and the first thing that popped up was feline cerebral palsy. Naturally I was terrified because I thought my baby boy didn’t have a fighting chance, so I made an appt with the vet and she informed me it was only CH. I was still worried because I had never heard of it. The vet told me about how it wouldn’t affect anything but his walking and movements. Today my BooBoo is happy and healthy and wobbly as ever. He is the light of my life and I wouldn’t give him up for anything. The only thing I want to warn about is that CH can be passed on to kittens. My BooBoo fathered two litters and out of the six total kittens, two of them have CH. I encourage everyone I talk to to adopt special needs kitties because they really are amazing little buggers. Also, if your CH kitty is an outdoor kitty, make sure to put on their tag that they are NOT sick or injured. Most people don’t know the difference.

    • Carol permalink
      June 24, 2017 5:00 pm

      Why are you letting your baby outside? I would never let my precious girl out.

  19. Libby Cone permalink
    May 13, 2014 5:08 pm

    It’s also a good idea to spay or neuter.

  20. Arianna permalink
    May 27, 2014 11:57 pm

    I may of found a stray cat that has CH. I am not sure what to do if I see him again. I live in miami, I am afraid if I take him to a shelter he will be euthanize. I can’t keep him , I already have two cats and my mom won’t let me have anymore. Help me please.

  21. Diane permalink
    June 23, 2014 6:21 pm

    My husband and I adopted 2 kittens from the same litter, Charlie and Lola. When we first met them they were about 6-7 weeks old. I immediately noticed their heads were bobbing a lot, but we thought they were just cold and scared. So we waited a few more weeks until they were old enough to be taken away from their mother, which was at about 8 wks old.

    Once we got them home we realized that the bobbing and shaking wasn’t normal so we took them to a vet. As soon as the vet saw them and watched them walk, she told us they have CH. She explained everything to us, such as that it doesn’t get worse and will never get any better. My husband and I decided that that’s something we can handle. It’s funny because only Charlie poops and steps in it before he gets out of the litter box (he’s done that a lot, but he seems to be getting better. Lola only back into her a tiny bit one time, but it wasn’t a big deal. We did notice that Charlie was tilting his head to one side and was falling and running into things, but since it just started happening and we were told that it would’nt get worse, we decided to take him to the vet. She checked him out and treated him with an antibiotic, which gave him the runs and he threw up a few times, so we did stop it and I don’t notice him tilting his head to one side any longer (for now that is).

    Another thing that has happened to them a few times, is that they seem to get stiff and crouch low to the ground, but at the same time it seems painful when they get like this, so they stay in one spot for long periods of time and the only time they get up to walk is to eat. One thing I can say is that no matter what symptoms they have, they always have an appetite! (By the way we only feed them high quality foods, like Blue for Kittens and Royal Canin) The stiffness seems to last a few days and then it passes. We’ve had them to our vet a few times with this stiffness (who specializes in cats only) and she has no idea why it happens to them!

    The most disturbing thing that happened is one day I was sitting on the couch with Lola while she was sleeping, when all of the sudden she got this really weird look on her face, her eyes opened wide, and she jumped off the couch and uncontrollably ran into the furniture, walls, and anything else that got in her way. The noise of her running so frantically and recklessly, scared me to death! I personally think it was an involuntary action that she cannot control, This has happened already about a half a dozen times within the past months (that we’re aware of anyway) we don’t know if it happens while we’re at work. All I can say is that when we notice this is happening to her, we try to quickly pick her up so she doesn’t get hurt. Once she’s calmed down, she seems to be timid, scared, lethargic, and her heart is beating out of her chest. Immediately following this episode, she seems to be looking at things that aren’t there. Like she’ll look at the wall as if something is there and she seems real worried. We’ve also noticed that the spot where she was sitting prior to the episode, was a little wet, like she lost control of her badder. Then she’ll try to jump up on the back of the couch, but for some reason (after the episode) her little claws won’t pull her up, so she just flops back down and all she wants to do is hide away from everyone in a confined area. It’s sooooo sad because 99% of the time, all she wants to do is cuddle, be held and give you a lot of love! (Charlie is extremely lovable as well).

    This seemed to be something that only happened to Lola, but just recently we witnessed Charlie doing the same thing. And it’s exactly the same symptoms, in exactly the same order as Lola. My husband and I just don’t know what to think! Has anyone ever had this happen to their CH kitty’s? I would really love to hear from someone that me be knowledgeable with this so that I know what they’re going through, and so that we know what we’re suppose to do?

    Again our vet has never heard of this before. I pray someone out there has answers for me because we really love these little guys and we really want to help them have a happy healthy life!!!!

    • Emily permalink
      October 9, 2014 6:53 am

      Hi Diane, I don’t have experience with this myself with a CH cat (I’m waiting to see the vet about my kitty’s condition) but I would suggest that Lola and Charlie may be having seizures. I have a dog with epilepsy who had quite severe grand mal seizures, but they can occur in other forms (petit mal seizures often go unnoticed as there is no/very little twitching). After Will (my dog) would have a fit, he would charge around the house yelping as though he was terrified, crashing into walls and furniture until he calmed down. Then he would pace with a glazed look on his face for around ten minutes and then doze off to sleep. His epilepsy turned out to be triggered by eating certain dog food, so once we switched him to a homemade diet they stopped completely. The fact Lola lost bladder control also hints that she may have had some sort of seizure.

    • Emily permalink
      October 9, 2014 6:56 am

      I would suggest to your vet to try them on epilepsy medication such as phenobarbital to see if it controls the episodes if he cannot come to another solution.

  22. Vanessa permalink
    June 24, 2014 4:57 am

    Hey everyone,

    My husband and I, adopted yesterday Happy: Such à sweet kitten, 3 months old and very playfull! I’m so pleased I found this site cause we definitely need Some help!

    He is à severe ch kitty, he can’t walk or stand, but somehow, he can Climb on à lot of things!
    Happy just came from the vet because has diarrhea and got Some medication to feel better.

    Hope that Will happen very soon.

  23. Amiria permalink
    August 28, 2014 6:57 pm

    I found out my cat lilly has CH when she was 6 months shes now a year and still wobbles and shakes but she purs alot my dad keeps telling me that if thibgs dont change he wants to put her down.

  24. Libby Cone permalink
    September 1, 2014 8:51 am

    Is she litter-trained? If she’s able to use the litter box and is happy, he has no argument. If she is messy, as CH cats often are, you may want to put special effort into finding her the right litter situation so that he has nothing to complain about. If she can get around and purrs and is happy, there is little reason to “put her down.” If your dad is being unreasonable about it, you may want to find her another home.

  25. Sunny permalink
    September 7, 2014 11:01 am

    I just adopted my first CH cat Seal, she’s a beautiful 8-week old calico that I found on a farm, she was being kept outdoors and when I saw her I could tell she should be an indoor kitty with lots of loving care, so I asked if could have her and the farm owners said yes 🙂 Her vet appointment’s scheduled for next week but from how she acts I’d say she has moderate to moderately severe CH. She’s so smart though, in just the two days I’ve had her I’ve been trying to teach her to use the litter box but she’s so unstable she’d never get to it in time on her own, today she was lying on the floor when suddenly she just started meowing, so I picked her up and took her to her box and she just went, I couldn’t believe she learned so quickly how to get help! She also gets super excited when she’s trying to eat so I have to hold her steady so she doesn’t keep knocking her head on the bowl, sometimes she’s calm enough to just lay on her side and eat without doing it, but I also padded the edges of her bowl with fabric so it doesn’t hurt as much. I’m so glad I found this site, it has so much good information and will be really helpful as I settle in with Seal and find out what works best for her 🙂 Thanks so much for creating this site!

  26. Kris permalink
    February 26, 2015 7:01 pm

    I am new to CH! In July 2014, doing farm chores, I found a kitten in the barn being harrassed by the other barn cats. He was small, defenseless, and seemed to be hurt.

    I took him in the house, thinking he had an injured leg or spine as a result of the beating….but the vet pointed it out fast that I just now have a moderate CH conditioned kitten. Was I scared?….hell I was!!!! Now I took on this “unwanted” responsibility and I had no idea what I am going to do with a challenged animal.
    Is this going to be hours and hours of special care, how about litter training, is this an expensive condition requiring meds and regular $$$ vet visits?
    Luckily I have an awesome vet who assured me that I have nothing to worry about…..I just now, the first time in my life, am a cat owner! 🙂 She also told me to “fasten my seat belts” because I am about to have the funniest ride of my life with this drunken sailor.

    Spaz, my now 7 months old, black, long fluffy haired, mitten toed, and now neutered CH kitty was practically raised, loved, cared for, and socialized by my two 3 years old house dogs (pugs) and he has no idea how to be a cat. He plays like a dog, he chases things like a dog, he comes if called like a dog, wrestles with the dogs, eats and sleeps with the dogs and generally hangs out with the pack. No wonder, he must have been about 5 weeks old when I rescued him and my dogs cleaned him, warmed him, guided him and comforted him.

    I can’t imagine my life without him! You can laugh for hours just watching him doing everyday things with the twisted, humorous CH way. This big clown now is a huge ambassador and educator of CH. My friends who previously thought I’d lost my mind to take on something like this (like I have extra time – besides running a farm – to be a caregiver to a challenged cat) now had realized what an extraordinary creature Spaz is.

    He is a sweet, super-active, happy, healthy, fearless, curious “monkey” without the “snobby normal cat” attitude. He is probably less work and more entertainment that anything else. His identity crisis of being “a dog” makes it even funnier. If I have a sad moment or a bad day, the only think I have to do is throw the tennis ball for Spaz.
    Within seconds, I am laughing!!!!

  27. Erin permalink
    February 28, 2015 1:01 pm

    I was so excited to read this artical on facebook. I have been wondering for almost a year what is wrong with my little kitty. We got her from a parent at my child’s school and from the moment we bright her home we knew something was wrong with her. She couldn’t climb up on things her legs were very wobbly and she was very slow in her walking. It took her 6 months to figure out how to walk down the stairs. But over all even though she can’t jump up on things she is the sweetest cat. I don’t think I would change anything about her.

  28. Pixie-Lynn Green permalink
    March 15, 2015 11:30 pm

    I have a beautiful black kitty with research found that she has wobbly cat syndrome. She is AMAZING! she gets along with the other cat the dog and my 2 rats. She needs me for a lot of things but had become an amazing climber and has even learned how to slightly steady her walking by spreading her back legs slightly when she walks . I have learned that they shouldn’t be in a house with stairs which we have but she ddoes quite well.from whati can tell she is moderate but i am afraid to take her to the vet . I won’t let anyone hurt her or try to make me believe she should be put down. She’s about 1 now and I saved her from death add the people that had her were going to kill her because they figured no one would want her. She’s the best thing that’s happened in my life at this point and I wouldn’t give get up for any thing. We have made some concessions like food on the floor in my room and a litter box there too. As the other cat goes to the basement and had her food on the table because of the dog. Tia can’t jump at all and falls consistently. I mostly follow her up the stairs wheni am home. She sleeps with me every night and even tells me when it’s bed time lol. She is very smart and my husband swears she says mom when I’m at work.

  29. Melissa permalink
    May 9, 2015 4:03 pm

    We found Sharky almost a year ago. She was less then a week old. We bottle fed her hoping she would live. Well, she thrived. We noticed her randomly shaking and her motor skills not great. Our vet diagnosed her with CH just before she was 6 months.

    Her motor skills still aren’t the best, but she gets around fine. Here’s the issue, just recently, after it got nicer out, she has started throwing fits. Growling, hissing, angry, randomly attacking my feet and legs for no reason at all. At first, I thought maybe it was from opening the windows. I’m not so sure now. She gets worse when she’s whipping her tail, like she’s mad at her tail for moving. She hisses and growls louder and louder until she wears herself out. It was out of nowhere. Just a day ago, she was my loving kitten.
    Anyone else have these problems?

  30. Lori Christian permalink
    July 11, 2015 9:28 pm

    my little guy,is having trouble,just today he started acting weird, walks just a short while then lays down and stairs into space, body hard,dosent respond to being petted in his favorite places, think that he fsell while i was gone,so scared i love him to the end,brings so much sunshine into my world with his soft deminer

    • Libby permalink
      July 14, 2015 7:47 am

      I think you need to bring him to the vet to see what’s wrong.

  31. Penelope Smith permalink
    July 13, 2015 10:15 pm

    i have a CH cat and she is wonderful. I foster orphan kittens for my local shelter. I adopted her because I knew no one else would. She has adapted very well. I have a new kitten I think mY have it too. I will adopt her as well. She is about 4 weeks old. They are a delight to watch. They are so happy and I love them very much

  32. Brittany Burks permalink
    July 31, 2015 5:36 pm

    We rescued a 10 month old male cat with CH. He is the sweetest most affection cat we have. We have three cats who are all rescues. One is 9 weeks old ( nico) Shakey 10 months old (CH) kitty and shy shy who is 9 years old. Ever since shakeys been with us he has put on three pounds and now jumps on beds. He’s a love bug.

  33. Jonathon permalink
    August 31, 2015 5:39 pm

    My CH cat, “Cat”, is super sweet and acts more like a dog than anything. She can’t jump, but wont hesitate climbing into bed to lay with you at night. Funny thing about her is she goes to rub against your leg, usually misses, and uncontrollably falls on the ground. She then proceeds to star at you on her back until she gets a belly rub. The only issue I have (shes mostly in doors only goes out when she wants for a handful of minutes) is that I can’t find a decent flea control – every topical causes her to break out in a rash, and the Seresto collar damn near killed her.

    • Libby Cone permalink
      October 14, 2015 8:47 am

      Were you using products with fipronil? Lots of cats are allergic to it. Try a product (unfortunately, they are usually expensive) that doesn’t contain fipronil, like Advantage II. I wouldn’t let her in your bed until the fleas are under control.

  34. Amanda Glassey permalink
    November 26, 2015 3:44 am

    We adopted two 12 week old kittens and I quickly diagnosed little Holly with CH, thanks to google! Like many i thought she was just still a little wobbly being young but compared to Jasmine her sister she is slower, wobbly, can only jump/ climb about 8 inches. I have adapted a radiator bed I bought and they love it!! As we love them 😻😻!

  35. Tim Sewell permalink
    December 9, 2015 10:42 pm

    I love my CH kitten. He is the happiest, sweetest, cuddliest little monster. Weebles is a little bundle of joy. He wants to be a big boy but he is only 7weeks old and gets around just like any little kitten. He wobbles and tips over every now and then but he doesn’t know he’s different. We have multiple cats and he loves to play. The other cats love and accept him. He has a mild form of CH. We had three kittens with the same affliction. The other two had a severe case of CH and couldn’t walk or move at all. Unfortunately they had to be put down. We cried when the vet told us they would not be able to have a quality life. We did however keep our little Weebles and have taken him in and kept him as our own. He gets around and falls down every now and then but he loves being held and is just a little angel. They are the best cuddlers and deserve a loving family. My Weebles wobbles but doesn’t stay down!

  36. Debbie permalink
    December 31, 2015 12:05 pm

    We have an 18 month old male cat named Teddy with a mild CH condition. He is a wobbly walker, but can run pretty well. it’s more like a lope and he falls over if going around a turn or steps on any uneven ground. He runs well enough to torment our 6 year old female, We take him outside in the yard, always under close supervision, so he can explore and get some excercise. He can jump onto the bed and sofa but not high enough to reach the counters. He is great at playing catch and hitting a ball. He is like a rag doll, goes limp when you pick him up and just flops in your lap. He has learned to use the stairs slowly and how to open closet doors. The only odd thing is that although he has no reaction to loud noises he jumps at the slightest sudden noise. He is such a sweet boy and we just love him so much.

  37. Richard permalink
    February 7, 2016 3:13 pm

    Nemo, 4 years old male
    Rescued during Hurricane Irene in New Jersey.
    He was 4 weeks old weight less than 1 pound. Found under my daughters car in driveway. My wife and I took God car oh him and at first did not exhibit signs of CH. when we noticed the wobbly gate we immediately took him to our vet who thought it might be a tumor. He did not suggest any radical treatment thinking that the cat would not survive more than a year. Four years later Nemo is still with us, a part of the family and the beast on four legs. HIs instability problem has seem to lessen over time.

  38. Caroline permalink
    May 15, 2016 9:10 am

    I just adopted a CH cat, i want to make her a profile later on. But for now i just got asked if she could wear a collar?

  39. Bradley permalink
    June 17, 2016 6:54 am

    Gracie was rescued by me as a kitten while me and the family were visiting family in South Texas. She was homeless and found standing in the middle of a street at night during a rainstorm, helplessly meowing the loudest meows I’ve ever heard from a kitten as cars whizzed by. I picked her up and we brought her back home with us. Turns out she had cheyletiella mites and a serious case of ear mites. Kitty was miserable. We cured her of her ills and she’s happy as can be, but we continued noticing her lack of coordination and head bobbing after a year of growth. Our vet diagnosed her with CH two days ago. We weren’t surprised as we suspected a neurological development issue. She is the sweetest cat. In our case, having a cat with CH is like having a perpetual kitten. She’s incredibly playful, and has no idea of her condition. In fact, she moves around as if she *thinks* she’s graceful, which makes her name, Gracie, quite ironic and funny indeed. “Who knocked the flower vase off the table? Oh… It was Gracie”.

  40. October 16, 2016 7:23 pm

    We have a 5 week old kitten who can not walk. He tries and keeps falling over. I just came across your website and it sounds like she hasCH. She has a brother who is doing fine. He is starting to run all over the house. I feel so sorry for our little girl. We try and put her in safe place because we are afraid she is going to hurt herself. In all other ways she is very healthy. We started bottle feeding them around 2 weeks old because the mother got to sick to take care of them.I have a female cockapoo who took over taking care of them. She cleans them makes sure they go to the bathroom and is even producing a little milk. For the first 2 weeks she would not leave thier side other than potty breaks and eating. Thank you for your web site.

  41. Rachel Goodwill permalink
    October 26, 2016 11:35 am

    Hi I rescued a pregnant cat and a vet confirmed one of the 2 kittens has ch her head is huge and she has mobility problems the vet said she is advanced so looking at your info looks to be moderate to severe my main worry is her falling get into the water bowl and falling off my bed down the stairs etc any more tips then is already on here I have rescued all my life but never come across ch in my life the kitten was gonna be rehomed but I am keeping her with me

  42. November 8, 2016 8:24 am

    We just found out our kitten Brokenstar has CH. She is really tiny and I have four other cats, one who is very playful, big and sturdy. I am afraid they might play too rough with our CH kitty … though our vet says she is healthy other than the CH. It’s just so much to take in. She has the head tremors pretty bad and originally I thought she was maybe having a mild seizure. Thank you for this website it has been most helpful.

  43. November 11, 2016 7:50 am

    Hi Organic Mom! I cannot speak for all CH cat lovers, but we adopted a tiny kitten last year, Frankie, who is now a big 12-lb bruiser. Frankie is able-bodied. Not only does he get along just fine with our five-year-old CH cats, Tia and Timmy, but he plays with Timmy a lot (It sounds like they’re killing each other, but they nap together in the afternoon), and Timmy’s balance has noticeably improved. He used to fall in the litter box and would often be caked with litter and poop, needing to be scrubbed. It hardly ever happens now. We call Frankie Timmy’s physical therapist cat.

  44. Steph permalink
    November 16, 2017 12:35 pm

    My male cat Hemi is definitely has CH he is also a peridactyl kitty with extra front toes, I always thought he is very uncoordinated, especially compared to my two other cats, he doesn’t know how to jump on anything , instead he climbs , he is very silly and sweet he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He does get jumpy when scared, everything he does is just different from my two other cats, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything, I knew he was special:) He is almost 2 years old.

  45. Gillian permalink
    June 26, 2018 4:05 pm

    I have a moderate CH kitty named Butterfinger, who I’ve been having a lot of behavioral issues with lately. I adopted him when he was 4 months old, and he is now almost 2 years old. He has always had some issues with peeing in the litterbox (ex. he’d pee in the bed for a few days if I went on a trip), but now it has gotten a lot worse. He’s been peeing in my bed every day for a week or two. Nothing in the environment has changed (no new box, no new litter; haven’t been on a trip in months; no new people; didn’t get anything new in the apartment), so I have no idea why this is happening. He’s been to the vet about peeing outside the box recently, and they couldn’t find anything wrong. I think it’s worth mentioning that he was very sick a few months ago. His walking suddenly got worse, and within a few days he couldn’t walk without my help. He’s also always had weird muscle spasms where he arches his back and rolls his head around (not sure if these could be seizures? the vet wasn’t sure), and these got much worse when he was ill. The vet put him on steroids and he recovered fairly quickly. I brought him to a neurologist after this because we were questioning if he has CH or something else. The neurologist said his symptoms are consistent with CH but we can’t know without an MRI, which I can’t afford. I’ve been reading a lot of posts here on cerebellar abiotrophy, but I don’t know if he would have responded to the steroids if that was the issue. I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to this with their cat! I don’t know if his urinary issues are anxiety-related or if he’s feeling sick again, or if he even has CH, but I was hoping for any advice I could get or to hear if anyone has a similar story.

  46. Ryan permalink
    August 28, 2018 4:55 pm

    Finn (FN-2187), male, 11 weeks.

    Moderate CH.

    We’ve only had him a few hours, but the only limitation being normal is that his head tremors too much to drink very well. Are there recommendations for drinking methods other than bowls, such as rodent bottles or fountains?


  47. Malikiah permalink
    September 3, 2018 4:07 am

    Pipsqueak is my Female cat who we believe is around a year old her CH is fairly mild, but she does have some limitations. she has to have an enclosed litter box or she would pee over the side. she is not a big eater (she is only 2.3kg), she is massaged as her back legs are very stiff and we have to help her will getting off cupboards as she cant judge distance.
    What’s one funny story about her is that she will try run from one room to another but she keeps forgetting her balance is not great so ends up going sideways. she hurts herself because of her CH as she crashes into doors and windows and she crashes into a glass candle once and cut herself. she cant meow properly but loves talking to spiders and she is very social. We have found ways of helping her such as beds near windows so she does not have to get up to see who is out side. My words of wisdom for other CH parents are it will take time to find out how to help but over that time you will realise they become your best friends they are so loving and never take you for granted and you will realise it is the small things in life which help more than the big. CH it does not have to be a disability, they and you can learn to live with it and it becomes a ability. my favourite thing about her is her personality and least favourite about her having CH is I am constantly worrying about her when I am not there. So her story I work at a vets practice and this cat came in after being hit by a car. we scanned her and there was a chip so we got the number and then we got a call back from the chip company saying that the owner had been banned from animals due to neglect. so I said I would the her and she did nothing accept sit there and nod her head. well after a few weeks she came out of her shell and is a different cat altogether, but from her gait and action you could tell that something was not normal and that’s when we realised she has CH.

  48. Hannah permalink
    February 7, 2019 10:54 am

    I am Fostering a “moderate to severe” CH kitten and he has trouble getting grip on our laminate flooring. He splays his feet a lot. He is only 3 months old, and I am trying anything to help him grip to walk. I already tried booties but they bother him. Any thoughts?

  49. Amber Renee jaster permalink
    February 8, 2019 11:59 am

    i have a 4 year old male CH kitty.. he is amazing. i bottle raised him and his brother from tiny babies.. his brother has no symptoms. all cats are fickle but he really is, when its cold outside he likes to lay on top of the heater vent, and when its hot out he likes to lay on it with the ac running. hes inside only for his safety. and they are definatly fixed. he has gotten better as he got older, and he now has 2 younger cats he plays with. nobody knows hes any different. but his personality is that of no other, likes to put his feet in my hot bath water and drink the water. wouldnt have him any other way

  50. Rebecca Sowash permalink
    March 7, 2019 1:14 pm

    My baby Balize is a CH cat which my mother bought me for my birthday present last year. She’s officially a year old on 3/5/19!! She’s the prettiest, sassiest little girl I’ve ever encountered! She wobbles everywhere but when she wants to go somewhere there’s no stopping her. I have a cat tree with four different stories which is about 5 feet tall, and she’s managed to climb on the first one by herself! Not to mention she catapults herself on top of our couches and computer chairs! Her motor is up and running constantly, I’ve never heard a cat purr as much or as loud as her. All you have to do is say her name and she’ll start purring and run to you for her much needed love! I thought I was going to have to baby proof my whole house, and I was up with her for a week treating her like a newborn baby because I was so nervous but she made it clear she was just like a normal kitten. She just has a little trouble getting around but that doesn’t stop her at all. If you want a lifelong best friend I recommend it tremendously! They’re not broken whatsoever, I believe it just added to her personality. She’s a sassy little thing with nothing stopping her!

  51. Amy Pisciotta permalink
    September 7, 2019 1:20 pm

    I didn’t plan on adopting a cat as I already have 2 but when I read the bio on my little guy, I knew I had to take him and give him a forever home. I have only had him a week and I am totally in love with him. He was rescued by a cat rescue league just as it was his turn to be put down in a kill shelter. He has mild CH. I couldn’t leave him in a cage so I brought him home and he is so sweet, took to my dogs immediately (even stealing their beds), likes the other cats and has to be in the room that people are in. He is a little wobbly but mostly when he is rubbing against you. I had never heard of this condition before but it didn’t scare me. I have renamed him Binx. He doesn’t purr but he loves to make biscuits.

  52. August 11, 2020 2:49 am

    My girls name is Step (fancy stepper), she is black and white with little white socks, and she is between 1.5 and 3. Her CH is moderate but she is wise and careful enough get around on her own very well. She needs no support other than heavy food and water bowls as well as a high sided, low entry litter box. She can even do the steps! I adopted her when she had kittens on my girlfriends porch. I am surprised that she survived on the streets. She is a really sweet can who loves everyone although she is extremely skiddish and will run (waddle) away at any loud sound or sudden movement. My funny story is the day she learned how to jump. She jumps (flings) with her legs (and claws) straight out. She has a hard time judging power though and will occasionally almost jump over what she was trying to get up on! I have since built her a large step to climb up the couch on 😀

  53. Michelle King permalink
    May 29, 2022 8:45 am

    My little kitten demon has cerebellar hypoplasia. He is a male. I have had him since the day he was born. His mom and dad are mother and son. I took him to the vet and they had mentioned that he might have cerebellar hypoplasia so I looked it up online. And sure enough that’s what he had. Although he has it he can steady himself when he uses the litter box and when he is eating. He puts his two front paws in the food dish. Drinking water is kinda a problem however we use a eye dropper for that. He plays like a normal kitten but he gets tired out faster then his siblings. I think he is gonna live a wonderful life minus his small disability.

  54. Patricia singh permalink
    September 30, 2022 4:15 pm

    Our boy name is Kaputs, he is our prince charming 💙my daughter found him in my other daughter yard we believed his mother abounded him because he couldn’t walk,he was just a new born and we thaught he was dying because his head was bobble so much,we took him to the vet and vet told us about CH,and that is what he has. Without a thaught we knew he will be part of our family.
    Kaputs is 3 years old he love to cuddle to sleep,he love play time and he love our 3 other cats he sit and watches them with his big beautiful eyes full of wander and he love kisses and he smiled a lot 💕he knows our voices and he let us know when he needs to potty and when he needs a drink he love his treats.i am his grandma when I came home from work he gets excited and happy. He love to sit outside and look at the birds and animals we never ever leave him alone out there we enjoy him so much he opens this door of sheer bless,
    My daughter got him a wheelchair 2 years ago he just refused to used it but somehow he gets around with a click of a finger.he is sharp lovable black cat with one white whiskers and a patch of white hair under his neck we love very very much.


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